Email -To convince client for 100% advance payment

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Email -To convince client for 100% advance payment

#1 Postby nitis » Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:37 pm

Write a convincing email to a client for 100% advance payment (your company's policy) while 100% advance payment is not the client’s policy. You can also suggest options.

Dear Sir,
With regards to our company's policy of 100% advance payment in legal cases,I would like to suggest you as our client to pay the cash in advance whenever we finalize a deal.We as a big legal firm in the state are committed to our policy of advance payment for the client whenever his case gets finalized with us.I would like to tell you that we as a legal firm are committed to solve major legal cases dealing with crimes,social issues and other issues.We provide the best solutions to our clients who come to us with any legal case.We have the best qualified lawyers who have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of law.I am myself one of the best senior lawyers which are present in the state working for the firm with a experience of twenty-five years.We as a legal firm have a record of winning eight of the ten cases which we fought last month.The expertise of our lawyers make us win cases easily.

So I would you request to pay the full money of the case, as informed to you by our personnel in advance whenever you bring any case in front of us.This is because if the client doesn't pay the money in advance,it creates a confusion as to how much money we have to take from the client as the case is over.I know that you are our valuable client and believe in us.That is the reason for me to guide you to our company's policy.I know that you will understand our policy and implement on it.I hope that you understand our policy,but if you have any problem understanding our guidelines you can mail me as early as possible.

With regards,
Mr Sanjay Mathur
Mathur & Associates
New Delhi.

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