Email - For not fulfilling commitment of same day payment

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Email - For not fulfilling commitment of same day payment

#1 Postby nitis » Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:11 pm

Write an email to your client who is not fulfilling his commitment of same day payment for which extra cash discount is given ?

Dear Sir,
With regards to your visit to our store yesterday and ultimately not buying a product due to its policy of same day payment,I would like to give you a proper solution to this problem.I can understand that the product you were buying was a different category of product,but couldn't be taken home without doing payment for it.I came to know that you were buying a Air Conditioner for which the discount given was thirty-five percent.I know that its a hefty discount which was given to the customers, but you should understand that if you would pay the money in installments it can create a lot of problem for us too.The cost of the AC is Rs 60,000 and you were forcing our employee to take one third of the money in advance on the same day and promised him to pay the rest of the money after one day.I know that you liked our product and was committed in buying it,but you should understand that it is our company's policy that customers have to pay the full money when they buy any product from any of our stores in the country.I know that an extra discount of ten percent was also added to the total discount for you by the counter personnel as you are our valuable customer.But still you didn't agreed to pay the whole money on the same day.

I advise you as our precious client to be committed to pay the whole amount whenever you buy any product from us.We do provide regular discounts to our customers and provide special discounts to our valuable customers like you.So,I request you to understand us and support us by being our most valuable customer.I want you to revert back if you have any doubts regarding this issue.

With regards,
Mr Shankar Nath
Nath & Sethi.

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