Common Mistakes - While Writing Emails

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Re: Common Mistakes - While Writing Emails

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Thank you for the correction

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Common Mistakes - While Writing Emails

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This is a place where you can get a very clear idea that how to write an email which can showcase your tone , pitch , aggression , softness as we have in voice communication.This you can easily find out after going through various examples where the mistakes are minor but these can play a big difference in making your email perfect or just below it.There is very a thin line between perfection & excellence so here you can get the idea how to get the excellence in writing emails.

So, let me start with some of the common mistakes which people usually do..

Some Common Mistakes :-

1.Subject Line - The most important part of the email which most of us usually forget to write.If you write a good subject line then the probability is very high that the recipient will open your email.But if you send an email without a subject line or with a line which doesn't makes any sense then your email destination will directly be the Trash folder not the Inbox.

2.Salutation - Salutation is one of the most important, and yet one of the most underrated aspects of letter writing. A salutation is basically a greeting, most often used in case of formal letter, with which you are expected to begin the letter.But its a very common mistake which people usually forget to use.

3.Usage of common words I & You - While writing a formal email most of the people heavily use I & You which makes the content of the letter very informal.

4.Use of Slang Words - Now-a-days everyone is highly inclined towards text messaging through various applications.So, while writing a business email as well they use these words.

5.Tone of the message - People usually draft emails, as if they are holding a casual conversation with the other person. This is not acceptable, as per email etiquette.

6.Use of short forms - Short forms like PFA & FYI are globally acceptable short forms but the word like "btw" can be considered as 'between' from some & 'by the way' from others.

7.Use of Punctuation Marks - It is amongst the most common mistake which people usually do.

8.Break in flow of conversation - Most of us start email from a different conversation, in the meantime we usually forget to what our email is related to and the same leads to the loss of actual communication.

9.Alignment of Email - A very noticeable thing which people usually skip while sending an email.They just begin any line from wherever they want without keeping in mind the proper alignment.

10.Closings - Usually most of the emails just end up in a very casual way.But, in business emails closing matters a lot.

Now, lets have a look at some of the mistakes which we have come across..

Mistake 1

I wanna thank you for the award you have presented me with,i am so delighted that i can't express it in words.
It makes me feel quite confident and loyal towards my job that you have considered me efficient for this award.
I assure you to cherish this for the rest of my life and serve you and our company to my level best.

Correction Required -
    1.No salutation is there in the mail.For should start with Dear Sir / Madam, Dear XYZ or to whomsoever you are writing this mail.
    2.Use of "I wanna" which is a slang is completely unacceptable.
    3.The line "i am so delighted that i can't express it in words" should be "I am so delighted that I can't express it in words" although usage of I should not be that frequent.
    4.No sign off is in the this case it could be Kind Regards or Regards.

Mistake 2

Respected sir,
I would like tell you that it was really an honour to stand beside you receiving that award. Its an amazing feeling of getting acknowledged for your efforts you put in your work. I would certainly make sure that i'll keep on working the same way and make you proud in the near future as well.
Thanking you once again

With Regards

Correction Required -
    1.Salutation Respected sir should be written as Respected Sir.A line space should be there after it, before you start writing the content of email.
    2.The line "i'll keep" should be I will keep.
    3.In the complete email rahulu2821 has not written any thanks to the person whomsoever he is writing email.But just before the sign off "Thanking you once again" seems that he might have already said thanks, so here it should be just Thank You.

Mistake 3

Respected Sir,

I am very thankful for the award you have presented me, i am very happy to honour that award and i can't even express it in words. Even it improves self confidence and to achieve success in my career. I will assure you that i will keep working on the same way & make you proud in near future.

Once again Thank you very much sir.


Correction Required -
    1.Wherever I has been used in the line it should be in Capital Letter.
    2.In the whole Thank You has not been said once, so the use of Once again in the line was not required.

Mistake 4


Thank you sir for giving me an opportunity to work in your esteemed organization. I would gladly accept the job offer. I assure you that I will not leave any stones unturned in fulfilling your expectations and will try my level best in taking the company to new heights.

Thank You


Correction Required -
    1.Usage of I in the complete letter is very frequent.The same should not happen while writing a formal letter.
    2.When once Thank You has already been written at the beginning of the email, then it is not required to write it again.

Mistake 5

The Senior Manager
I would like to congratulate you for your contribution towards the company's success for 20 long years.Its been a great pride for the company and the other members to have the employee like you who is serving for the firm with honesty and devotion.Your work is praised by the seniors as well and will act as a lesson for the freshers.
Wish you a many many returns of the day for your anniversary and good luck for your future.
I hope you will continue this for the rest of your life.
God bless.

Correction Required -
    1.When you know the person to whom you are writing the email, then the salutation should not be his/her designation.It should be Dear XYZ.
    2.While writing an email to the senior the sign off should strictly can't be "God Bless" the same can be replaced by "Warm Regards".

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