Apology Email to your Client

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Apology Email to your Client

#1 Postby nitis » Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:28 am

Write an apology email to a client for wrong commitment and now client is threatening for legal action & bad-mouthing of your organization if commitment is not fulfilled .

Dear Sir,
With regards to the letter which you have written some day back to our company involving the defective oven,I would like to apologize for our mistakes as an organization.I came to know from one of our employee that you purchased an oven one month back from our store.But due to some problems in the oven,it stopped working and was lying idle for almost ten days.I came to know that you also registered your complain on our website in the dealer's section.But no one from our store took up your problem.You also wrote in your letter that when you were purchasing the oven,the employee who was attending you spoke a lot about the quality of the oven as its the best in the category.Due to his nice spoken words,you got eager to buy the oven.I have also heard that yesterday you came to our store and threatened the counter personnel to go to consumer court and take action against our company.You stood outside the store and shouted not to buy from our store and also spoke some bad words for our products and our company to the people nearby our store.Well I want to tell you that in the history of our store as a dealer for Samsung,there was no such case of product being defective.There were some minor cases which were solved quickly.As per your problem is concerned,I would like you to personally meet me so that I could understand your problem.We would replace your oven and not charge any money from you.

I am instructing my service workers who will come to your house tomorrow and replace the old oven with a new one.I would like to regret for the problems which you faced during this whole course of one month.I plead and request you not to go to any consumer court and not to speak ill about our company to anyone.This is a sincere request form my side and I hope that you will stand by it.

With regards,
Anand Kumar
Kumar Electronics.

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