Will Mr.Modi will be successfull in blooming lotus at J&K ?

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Will Mr.Modi will be successfull in blooming lotus at J&K ?

#1 Postby ANKITSHAH » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:24 pm

Otherwise known as “Heaven on Earth”, Jammu & Kashmir (J & K) is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty and forms a major tourist spot all the year round. Due to terrorists insurgency many parts of the state are not yet explored by the tourists. Elections and Jammu and Kashmir in December, 2014 might prove to be a game changer for the state. Till now, the state was ignored by the political parties due to the complexity of implementation of laws in the state. However, the new government is certain to enforce peace in the state and flourish its resource to the maximum.

In the recent visit to J & K, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the audience of his first campaign rally in Srinagar on Monday and told them that he was in Jammu and Kashmir to share their sorrows. The visit of Indian PM to the state was after 30 years after the last visit in 1983.

Modi said that both the Congress party and the National Conference have let down the people of the state and not work up to the expectations of the public. Hence he urged them to elect a majority government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that he was there to finish the unfinished work of Mr.Atal bihari Vajpayee. He mentioned bout the success of J & K on the basis of humanity, spirit of Kashmir and Democracy. He highlighted the predicament of the people during the recent floods and the inability of the state government to help the people. As per him, the relief send for the people did not reach them and many of them urged him to transfer the relief amount directly in their own account instead of that of the state government. They wanted to prove that the people had more faith in the central government than the state government. Modi claimed that there are still many people at J & K who have not been rehabilitated after the floods and ensured them that if the BJP government comes into power at the state , than they would settle these people.

He also talked about the huge scope of generating hydel power plant at J & K. The water of the Himalayas can be tapped into production of power that would in turn increase the revenue of the state. The power industry is the source of development of other industries. If the hydro power plants are successfully commissioned than that would attract other manufacturing industries at J & K which would increase the employment in the state. This would further attract people to settle in that state and will call for development of education and finance sectors which would ultimately lead to a holistic development of the state. He gave the slogan of “sabka saath - sabka vishwas” to allay the concerns of public fir the instability in the state.
The Prime Minister said successive governments in the state of Jammu and Kashmir had failed to serve the people of the state. He said the state needed to be free of the evil of corruption. He said the time had come to fight against the evils of underdevelopment and corruption. The Prime Minister recalled that whenever he went to Kutch in Gujarat, he did not speak of Pakistan, but spoke of development and solving the problems of Kutch. He said Kutch had now become the fastest-growing district in the country. He said if Kutch could move forward, after suffering the catastrophic earthquake, so could Kashmir and hence urge the people to elect the BJP with a full majority in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
BJP has already established its government in 11 states in India. The winning of seats in the state elections of J & K is very crucial for both the people of J & K as well as the BJP government. The ongoing instability of the state sees silver lining if BJP comes into power in the state. Presently due to the conflict between the National Conference chief Mr.Omar Abdullah and Central government, the implementation of policies are difficult. If Mr.Modi would be successful in blooming the lotus in J & K, then that would open the doors for the businessmen to explore resources of the state to its maximum utilization.

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