Paanch Saal Kejriwal- Game Changer Tagline

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Re: Paanch Saal Kejriwal- Game Changer Tagline

#1 Postby PrabhatP » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:11 am

Paanch Saal Kejriwal tagline is in fact a total game changer. BJP already know they were on back foot so they totally reversed their normal trend to rope in Kiran Bedi as their Chief Minister candidate portraying her clean and good administrative capabilities. BJP is Banking on Ms. Bedi but look at the election campaign of BJP thats going on in Delhi, they are doing every bit calling all the big stalwarts and leaving no stone unturned. On the other-side Mr. Kejriwal who is campaigning on personal issues that he is a better candidate. I wish Mr. Kejriwal wins this election otherwise if Kiran Bedi becomes Chief Minister, she will not be allowed to do things as Mr. Kejriwal is most deadly when in opposition....

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Paanch Saal Kejriwal- Game Changer Tagline

#2 Postby saketroy2 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:35 am

The tide of political fortune seldom flows in same direction for too long. Whether its Rajiv Gandhi Congress or Narendra Modi BJP. The tide that brought Narendra Modi to power and seemed to knock-out every party standing in its path is now hitting the rocks in Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal, who seemed to get nothing right in the first half of last year has now reversed his slide, aided by the complete misreading of his challenge in Delhi by the BJP.

Mistakes by BJP a benefit to APP ?

1. Inclusion of Kiran Bedi is not working for BJP at all. Voter percentage has gone down directly.
2. Inclusion of other Central Ministers and Amit Shah pulling away is again a gain for Kejriwal.

I may be jumping a gun here, lets see whats the mood of Delhi.

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