Bharat Ratna for Mr. Vajpayee- Best Gift to Indian People

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Re: Bharat Ratna for Mr. Vajpayee- Best Gift to Indian Peopl

#1 Postby PrabhatP » Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:27 pm

Indeed its a best gift to the Indian people...Mr. Vajpayee enjoys that respect from all the sections of the society, people from all religions and casts be it his political opponents and people from around the world..He is often quoted as Bhimsha Pitamaha of Indian politics for the fact he always stood by the principles he believed no matter what others said about him....He deserves all the praise and grand salute...

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Bharat Ratna for Mr. Vajpayee- Best Gift to Indian People

#2 Postby saketroy2 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:54 am

In my view, the most deserved politician for Bharat Ratna and finally govt has decided to offer Bharat Ratna to the real Gem of India. During his very early and young days, despite being an opposition , Late Nehru praised our Former PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee that this young man is going to be the PM of India seeing his dedication and his abilities.
Mr. Vajpayee is one of the founding member of BJP and used to travel on Foot to the Parliament. He is respected by the world and the opposition and designated as most Secular politician of India. His leadership quality can be judged by the fact he ran a successful term with largest coalition in Indian politics.

After the Kargil war, many MPs decided to honour him with the Bharat Ratna, he politely refused by saying, Hum kya khud ko Bharat Ratna denge, aane wali koi sarkar ko lagega to wo de degi., which was very unlikely to what Nehru did ( he conferred himself with Bharat Ratna ).

Salute to the Real Leader, Salute to the Real Politician, Salute to the Real Gem of India, Salute to our Bharat Ratna, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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