How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#1 Postby ruhiagrawal » Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:18 pm

Well, according to me it totally depends upon company to company and your product. Email marketing works if your company have a brand name then CXO level guy will definitely look that or if you are start up company and you want that people must know about you then you can do mass mailing and if you are more concern about sales then I do agree with Karan and all others too, we should send mass mail then we should take follow up via call.

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#2 Postby jamesvictor » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:08 pm

Right email software
Subject line
content in email
will work but still 20% to 30% only

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#3 Postby KaranL » Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:35 am

If the Sales person is simply shooting the mail and waiting for the CXO to reply..

Kind understand the next line : Intezaar karne walo ko itna hi milta hai jitna koshish karne wale chod detey hai ..

I hope this will help many..

Expert - Fundoodata
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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#4 Postby Expert - Fundoodata » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:53 am all the marketing/ sales professionals are really confused as to which strategy they should adopt so to connect with decision makers.Ask any expert he shall agree that
connecting straight through the board line number to take an appointment or talk directly is a very tough job.

The options which are being used today are-
(1) Tele calling team- keep calling so as to get the appointment using all the gimmicks of false representation.
(2) E-mail marketing- barging the email boxes by sending lakhs of emails.
(3) Linking through social media- primarily to conncect through Linkedin , facebook, twitter etc.

What has been found is that email marketing is being used heavily by everyone because of cheap cost but does it really work at CXO levels ?

The probability is low. Reason being -
i. Today since there are lakhs of companies which are sending these sort of emails, every company's IT dept ensures that they have firewalls in place so that these mails do not reach the inbox of CXO's.
ii Even if it is strategised that the email reaches the inbox, the CXO is a such a person who is always short of time & his chances of viewing the mail goes down.

The ratio of a CXO viewing the mail is thus very very low. So what should the sales guy do so as to connect with the CXO to make sales ?

(a) It is advised that instead of sending mails in one go, the emails should be send individually & most important they should be personalised. With this the probability of email reaching the inbox is very very high.
(b) The subject line of the email should only talk about advantage to the company, so that the CXO gets interested.
(c) The email should be very short, crisp and to the point so that CXO is able to read it in just 15 secs.
(d) Request for time to call or meet should be given so that CXO responds to it.

Once the email has been sent it is very important to connect immediately through telephone & social media sites. What Fundoodata advises is

"Mail connect & talk" or "Talk connect & mail ", this ensures that the connection happens & most imp. sales takes place.

To wrap it up E-mail marketing at CXO can bring out amazing results if it is well strategised with CALLING & CONNECTING .

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#5 Postby Nakul123 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:09 am

Yes , In my opinion email marketing works a lot in CXO level because when you send a good email to any one he will definitely read and will reply for your mail .CXO people don't have enough time to talk to in phone as they are very busy and have many works to do . So if you send them a mail with a good subject line and your starting mail is good they will respond to your mail ..

Many times it happens that when we send a mail it gets in to junk or spam so it is very important that the words which we are writing should be good .So that the mail should god into inbox of that person . Mail should be so attractive that the person to whom we are sending the mail he should definitely revert the mail to us.

Yes now a days email marketing is getting boom day by day because calling to any one has been restricted by the government .And many people has done DND to their mobile no. So thats why now email marketing is getting good day by day .In email marketing one more thing is good that you have a proof that what ever you have send in through writing so that if some one tells life so you can tell that we have the proof that you have sent me in mailing ...So in my opinion email marketing is the best option for today...

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#6 Postby shreya » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:58 am

E-mail marketing is not just a tool for communication, but a tool that can be used to promote and sell products or services. E-mail is a weapon for online marketers. Why not add your marketing strategies via e-mail to reach many people in addition to offline marketing activities do you do?

The problem is, the more people receive e-mail, the less people pay attention to the contents of each e-mail that too at CXO level..

So to be different, online marketers should strive to attract the attention of his prospective customers. The argument that they often say is, "If I shout louder and more frequent, the prospective customer will definitely listen to me."
Indeed, it is true. They might hear you. However, what is their reaction and their response to "flood" the e-mail? Will they be happy? Or otherwise they would say to send e-mail through the "Get me out of e-mail you and do not send more!"

It has been seen that email marketing can bring out negative behavior in consumers. For companies that send unsolicited emails or too many emails, consumers can be impelled to hit the spam button. Some consumers define spam as email from a company that they don’t want to hear from even if they have previously done business with the company or are subscribed to receive information from that company. If the business sends too many emails, the consumer starts to get annoyed and, rather than unsubscribe, 55 percent of email users admit to hitting the spam button instead.

Companies should shoot their e-mail carefully, make a focus and target on a single goal. Jump to a point in question and not rolling, rolling. Make sure the writing has a quality value, and the ratio of the contents of the e-mail is a 80:20 per cent. This means that 80 percent contain useful things, and 20 percent of lists.

In other words, if you will respect the time owned by the readers of your e-mail, then they will extend the same by giving more attention. So do not make a mistake writing an email campaign, huh ??

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#7 Postby Biyatris » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:49 am

I don't think so E-mail marketing at CXO level works as expected by the sender.But in some case due to an eye-catchy subject line or the brand name of the company can make CXO's to stop for a while and go through the mails.But this is very rare as most of the CXO level professionals are over bounded with their duties and responsibilities.

E-mail marketing can be worthful only when there is a pre-talk or valid consent for the same from the respective person.Besides this,timely follow-ups and relationship building also can do great wonders..!!

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#8 Postby Shikha Gupta » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:43 am

NO...I don't think sending promotional emails or you these email campaign can attract the eye ball of the CXO level person, the reason is soo simple that these people are always busy and they don't have time to read such kind of mail...BUT as we all know exceptions are always their so email marketing depends that which brand it is representing meaning...If a mail is going from a big organisation for say HCL,Infosys it can be eye catching these people will go through where as if start up will do this they won't be getting a response I think...
Secondly it depends on the nature of product also like - Travel & Tourism people can attract many people as their mails are eye catching and easy to understand whereas if a mail is send from a IT organization which is selling for say a software service will not work because this product need the detailed info about it so the response rate differs from industry to industry.

Hence I think mass mailing don't have a very effective result as the ratio would be 5-6% according to my experience where as mail and talk or talk and mail would have a better response rate.

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#9 Postby yatinarora » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:42 am

Today most of the people think that bulk email is the best way to reach out to the concern person or at the CXO level however they forgot that 70-80% of the bulk emails go into spam until we don’t use some bulk emailing software’s also after using that 30-40% Emails go into spam…

Email Marketing @ CXO level work very well only if we send individual emails. Also only the Email marketing doesn’t work properly we have to follow the concept of either the “Mail and Talk” or “Talk and Mail”. Email should be in such a fashion that it talks about their ROI.

According to me the final conclusion is that Email along with the telephonic conversation works very well @ CXO level. :)

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Re: How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

#10 Postby pearl » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:39 am

Yes, it works.. but the probability is very low..
Email marketing is a cheaper marketing & advertising tool.. Due to which companies work on low probability also with less investment, which can give ROI with minimum 2-3 revert on their mail..
To make it successful, one need a eye catching subject line, which can take his interest to read the mail. :roll:
second, mail should be short & to the point, which can create curiosity in once mind..

Although I will say, best way to get maximum output of your time & money, can be through "talk & mail" & "mail & talk", because this will help you in making relationship, if not deal.., which can be converted into deal later. :D

In a nutshell, email marketing is not a bad idea, but can not be taken as only tool for revenue.. :!:

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