Linkedin - Connect in a right way..!!

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Linkedin - Connect in a right way..!!

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Linkedin – All of you might be having Linkedin accounts but how it can be used in a right manner would still be a puzzle.Linkedin is basically a business focused social networking site.Here people connect with others to grow their professional network.

Linkedin Definitons..

Connections – Connections are other registered users who you know personally on LinkedIn. Or they can also be the one whom you dont know personally but professionaly you might have interacted with them.

Second-degree connections – These are the connections that your connections have. For example, you're connected with a college friend of yours, who is directly connected with his boss. So, your college friend's boss is a second-degree connection for you.

Third-degree connection – Any connections from your second-degree connects are third-degree connections. So, college friends boss's connections would be your third-degree connections.

Profile page – This is your personal page on LinkedIn. All registered users with LinkedIn can view it (unless you set it to be a private page). Your profile page can list your education, past work history, groups and associations, and more. You can also make your profile page "public" so that anyone (even people not on LinkedIn) can view it.

Recommendations – Your connections can write recommendations, or testimonials, for your profile. These can be a powerful testament to your business and professional skills.

How Linkedin can be used..

For Professional Use

Netwoking – Through it you can connect with people or the organisations in your Industry.This can help in being updated with the trending areas on others network.With this, you can also create or join some groups to grow your network or to discuss on various issues.

Research – You can also use linkedin to know about various organisations or people with whom you do business or about whom you want to know in general.

For Business Use

To tell about your Company Story – This is the best place to tell your company story to the audience in the right & best way.It can be used to inspire customers & to get potential customers as well.

To make your Brand visible – Linkedin can help the businesses to increase the visibility of their brand image, products & to showcase the brand value in the market.

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