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Kiran Bedi- Not a Crane Bedi

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:18 am
by saketroy2
If you are going to believe the recent news and her very own website...Kiran Bedi is not the one who towed the car of Ex-PM Indira Gandhi despite Kiran Bedi telling everyone she was transferred to Goa after towing the car.
Story begins as..Kiran Bedi was handed over the duty to control the traffic and one car from the ex-PM crew was parked before a shop in Connaught Place which was seen by a traffic constable there and issued the challan to sh0p owner not the car driver and that car was towed away. However at that time, neither the PM nor his family was present in India and Kiran Bedi took full responsibility for this incident and came into limelight.
Coming to Goa issue, there was no political backlash on Bedi but she was handed over with much prestigious task as at that time CGOGM was hosted by India in Goa for which she went there....
She had never been a victim of politics....Despite pressure from politicians and lawyers, Bedi was not suspended by then Guv Buta Singh on accusation of Lathi charge on lawyers.
Soon we would be able to figure out the Myth & facts