Is Outreach an important part of social media marketing

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Is Outreach an important part of social media marketing

#1 Postby nitis » Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:59 pm

I think that Outreach is basically not an important part of the social media marketing.Outreach refers to the process of providing services to those section of the society who otherwise, might not have access to those services.One example can be given of the rural regions of the country which includes villages of the country.The rural regions of our country actually don't have much access to the products which are newly launched by any company in the metropolitan cities of our country.Consider a product being launched in Mumbai on a particular date and how can you expect a farmer in Nagaland to know about it.Social media marketing does not wholly involve those people who don't have access to the products, because they don't have access to the internet services.

Lets us take the example of Facebook.Facebook is widely used by millions of people now days,but the internet penetration has always been on a declining level when we talk of rural regions like villages.People in the villages don't actually use these social media sites, so how can they know about the products which has been launched or products which have been promoted lately.The social media marketing actually happens on the internet platform where the user has to spend a certain amount of time learning about the products which he/she wants to buy.Although we have the logistics in place for the transportation of the product to some rural places, but due to low internet penetration even the logistics won't work.So the various reasons which have come up are firstly the low internet penetration in the rural places and secondly the customer not knowing anything about the product or the services as he is unaware about its benefits.

People in this advanced world are fully aware of the use of internet and how to keep themselves updated, but there is still a section of the society who are missing from the picture.This section of the society is in a constant urge to know about the new technology and its benefits. What we need is to set up a system where all the humans are aware of the new changes in technology .The strategy of marketing of a product through social media wil never work unless you set up a base or a platform for it.We need to understand that we have to first provide the services to our rural places, after then only we can provide the services through social media marketing to other places.

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