Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site an attractive proposition

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Re: Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site an attractive proposi

#1 Postby lovneeshscmhrd » Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:42 pm

Discount sale on ecom websites are attractive proposition for most of the consumers. The items they get in the market at the MRP are available at discounted price on the ecom sites, so the consumers wait for such kind of sales . Also these help in increasing the sales of the ecom sites, to bring in profits and help them to bring out new products on their sites. People usually go for branded products on ecom sites which are available at heavy discounts on the sites, because of rise of the income of the middle income group and their increasing aspirations and demands. Also the electronics gadget category on ecom sites is one of the most discounted categories , with people preferring to buy these from ecom sites because of the discounts instead of the brick and mortar stores.

The discounts provided are often conditional, like 10% off on orders above 3000. What happens next is, the customer who came to shop for 1000 may think of buying more products because of this , another great tactic to attract customers and increase sales.

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Re: Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site an attractive proposi

#2 Postby rachna » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:34 am

Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site is definitely an attractive proposition but don't think so regular discount urge us to buy something...Most of the time we just check the product and came out with a thought of may be next time will get more.Discount definitely convert our desire to want but with a feeling of more it wont able to convert it to our need...Brand value also diminished by regular discount as people feel doubt on the quality of product.

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Re: Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site an attractive proposi

#3 Postby archit » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:05 am

Today Customer is very smart and with latest apps to check best discount it is very difficult to fool him. Regular Discount on Ecom sites is basically designed to increase traffic and instigate impulse buying...Since the sites are just platform where buyers and seller meet it is very difficult for them to promote themselves as a brand because EOD they are not offering anything, therefore to connect with customer and remind them regularly they exist in market they take support of word Discount or Best/Exclusive Deals.

As far as question of increasing Sales is concern...Yes it does help in increasing sales not exactly because of discount offer but because of continues triggers
they offer customer to buy product which they might not really need. Since morning to late night we are bombarded with these messages on newspaper,website,from friends,whatsapp,Social network that we do buy.

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Regular Discount Sale on Ecom site an attractive proposition

#4 Postby Shivani » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:20 am

50% off, 30% off.....all these kinds of newsletters we are receiving. Sometimes our friends informing about these discount sales and most of the times we visit those sites too. Sometimes we logged out without finding any product of our choice.
Discount is the word which attract almost each and every individual. This word is fancy and attractive which is actually touching the hot button and ask to take immediate action. At least we visit the site, increase their branding and more importantly increase their database too.
Regular discount sale is basically a hammering which keeps u re-collecting the Brand and more-over some impulse buy too. Its indeed a very attractive proposition to engage the customers .

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