Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opinion

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#1 Postby sampritiimtn » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:51 pm

Yes, absolutely.
Social Media is a platform to meet people, interact with them, share mutual interests and the like. Since social media is quickly catching up the world population, marketers are looking at social media, as a base to campaign their products and services. It is proved beyond doubt that social media is the richest and the most diverse customer base in the world. But, social media marketing comes with it's own flaws. the first being, the customer base obtained through social media is barely loyal to any particular brand. They flirt with brands, they ditch one for another without any particular reason.
For instance, My friend no longer buys her old perfume because she doesn't like the lady posing on its cover, though she has always liked the smell.
This is just an instance. I'm sure she is not the only one with these kind of whims, there will be many others who will second her in her thought process.
Now, talking about search, online search is certainly a better way of locating customers. it helps you identify stronger and likely more loyal a customer base. They are likely to be more committed to your brand, they' ll not want to switch to your competitors very easily.
So, I think as marketers, the customer base as identified by online search should be more attractive an option than social media

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#2 Postby jayprakashimtn » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:10 pm

If the same question had been asked two years ago, then the answer would have been a simple yes, however because of expansion of social media sites to mobile phones, the equation is slowly changing. Typically online searches are better than social media advertising in the way that the ads are not really wanted by the users of social media, they’re thrust upon them. When users log in to sites like Facebook they want to connect with their friends and socialize, not stare at ads on their walls.

Let’s take a look at ad revenues of Google and ad revenues of Facebook for comparison of online ads vs social media marketing. Google is the market leader when it comes to ad revenues, however it doesn't have the significant lead over Facebook that it used to have two years back. In display ad revenues in US, Facebook surpassed Google with revenues of $4838 million to $4006 million. In mobile advertising Facebook has earned $7billion in the year 2014, Facebook didn't even have mobile ad revenues in the year 2011. However Google’s total ad revenues in the year 2014 stood at over $59 billion as opposed to Facebook’s ad revenues of $11 billion.

It is unlikely that social media marketing will overtake search as the medium most consumers prefer, in the near future at least. However that is not to say that in the long run this dynamic cannot change.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#3 Postby sampritiimtn » Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:59 pm

Search certainly gives more customers than Social Media. Studies show that Social media might influence buyers to purchase certain products of your company but they are seldom loyal buyers of your products. Most of them are impulsive shoppers and they change their use of brands almost for no reason. Thus search leads to identifying a stronger customer base than social media marketing campaigns.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#4 Postby gBhoir » Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:34 am

From my point of view,social media gives more customer than search.Social media is help in to make brand loyalty and making customer aware about our product.It just shows the customer voice and solution.Social media plays an important role to attract customer. In case of search , it requires more time and complexity also more.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#5 Postby jaiimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:46 pm

I think social media is definitely a channel between the company and sometimes it felicitates searching also. Many of times it happen people first see ad on social networking sites and then Google for more details. Also i believe social media gets an upper hand because it definitely introduces products that customer was not in mood of buying but when it accidentally appears there is impulsive buying

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#6 Postby ashish14siom » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:12 pm

In my view, if your product already has a good name in the market then search would give better quality results than social media. But if your product is a new one and to build a customer base right from scratch, then social media would be the best because of its large audience. Ideally a good mix of both would give u better results, since those two compliment each other. now a days social media marketing is gaining great importance, companies should not neglect that option.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#7 Postby nitis » Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:00 pm

Well if we have been in the 1980's or 1990's then I can proudly say that search gives more customers to businesses because social media was not at all present at that time.Well there was media,but there was no social media.But living in this modern era,where man is thinking of settling in moon,my opinion rest on the view that social media is any day better than search for attracting customers. Nowdays companies are using social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Quikr,OLX and LinkedIn to build their customer base.These companies are promoting their businesses through these sites so that maximum customers can reach them.

In this present scenario when Internet penetration has increased so much that every individual in our country is using the internet for some of the other work,it is never hard not to get those pop-ups on your desktop.What strategy these companies use,that is the most important thing.They use these websites to promote their business.They have their own websites,so they just send a pop-up on these websites,so that when a customer opens any site they get across these business proposals.So,customer has to visit these business sites of the company.In this way customers are attracted to the different businesses.Another alternative they apply is posting of their business proposal on major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,so that they get recognized in the social space as each and every person on this planet is using Facebook nowdays.

Search is never preferred for this kind of work as it involves huge labour cost, more time and is more complex in nature.While if we look on social media it offers a wide variety of choices to the customers.So companies also don't mind spending a little more money for their business to be propagated through social media.Social media like Facebook has about 1015 million users,so it becomes very easy to promote your business through this social media.So,definitely it will attract more customers than any search. Nowdays it has become a trend to use social media for any businesses.Major businesses are promoting their activities through the social media and the small start-ups are also taking the cover of social media to promote their business.So Search stands nowhere in front of Social Media for building your customer base in this modern era.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#8 Postby amolss3 » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:39 pm

Because social media can only help to increase brand recognition. It is just new medium for your brand’s voice and content. It is just channel for connecting with the audience. It can improve brand loyalty. It helps in increasing inbound traffic. It decreases marketing costs. Though, it has many benefits but that doesn't mean social media will give more customer than search. Moreover, people receive discounts and deals through social networks but discounts and offers rarely create loyal customers. However, customers who found out an online retailer through organic search spent more money and purchased more frequently than customers originated from social sites.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#9 Postby navikiranrk » Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:53 pm

Yes, social media is acting as bridge for marketing. If we analyse there is large market outside social media. In Indian scenario, though penetration of internet users comparatively increased to 25% we still left with 75% population.

There is a huge potential market in semi urban and rural India. Though we are talking about IOT, still 37% of population doesn't know what internet is. Because, lack of awareness and illiteracy. So if we succeed in penetrating that market, we can get more benefit.

This is not only the scenario of India. No country in the world has got 100% internet users, even US’s percentage of penetration is 91%. Highest is Falkland Islands 96.9%.

We can't deny social media’s influence to get customer, still we have large potential outside the box which we need to be cater.

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Re: Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opini

#10 Postby mktg123 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:31 pm

I believe it also relies on which product you are you have a god product in hand then potential customer can come directly searching for you.

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