Now search your Tweets by date on Twitter

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Re: Now search your Tweets by date on Twitter

#1 Postby souravupadhyay » Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:27 pm

A bird tweets, so does people on Twitter. Making comments giving advices, presenting one's views is generally what people do on social networking sites and Twitter is one amongst them all. The basic area of concern for any person using the social media sites is to find what one has mentioned in the past, and to be more specific in a range of date. The feedbacks and the comments which are of vital usage for one, are to be filtered and searched which is absent in orkut, present in facebook, but then one has to click and scroll down the right navigation area, where months and days are mentioned. Twitter has made a vital change in it's searching option where-in the date range needs to be fed, and then one could easily scroll down the tweets that are made on a specific date range.
It not just saves time but adds efficiency to the website's usage as even then a naive user would know how and where data has to be retrieved.It would add reliability on it's usage and also attract new users, as whatever is new public is attracted to it.

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Now search your Tweets by date on Twitter

#2 Postby Shivani » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:28 pm

Twitter has added a new functionality to it through which users can easily search their tweets by date with new date-based search options. The feature will come as a relief to anyone that has tried searching for a specific tweet posted in the not so recent past.

The feature will be accessible through Advance Search option of twitter through this users can now enter a date range, apart from the previously present filters for people and places.

TechCrunch has mentioned that this feature of searching Twitter posts based on dates was present before also but was a cumbersome process and was not known by majority of the users.Some of the reports are also indicating that Twitter will release a mobile-advertising product in the next few weeks that will allow app-makers to encourage downloads of their software.

The company is taking this step to attract advertisers from various indutries.

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