Is Apple watch flirt worth it? You probably got to worry not

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Is Apple watch flirt worth it? You probably got to worry not

#1 Postby rutujavrk1 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:58 am

Yes, it has cons as well, but yet many dream of cradling it. It will seem to you as the cloned father version enabling you to receive calls, emails, notifications, has a Siri voice assistance and many more alerts; thanks to the Digital Crown technology in it through you can also scroll, navigate, zoom with without any interference. It also distinguished between different touching patterns such as tap and press. And you don’t need to look at your watch or putting your ear to it; instead, it’ll just tap your wrist and say ‘Hey! You got a message!’ It will snatch away your peace by tapping you every hour you to remind for moving around to prevent from long sitting which is another cancer. It will measure the damn pulse, running rate, calorie burning rate. This smart watch will cost you between $549 and $1,099. You can get freaking 100 personalized apps installed which were never before. The interesting thing is, you ought to own an iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 plus running iOS 8.2 or later to get your watch working. Again, sadly, it has just an 18 hour battery life, which does really makes you have a vigilant itch of charging. Forget to put it in its charging cradle before you go to bed once, you blame yourself. Forget to do so twice, and you blame the watch. Forget to do so thrice, and you begin losing interest entirely. Yes, this smart watch looks fan-frigging-amazing but it’s easy to give up; but which is expected to increase to three long years in a couple of years.

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