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For sports is but, the greatest religion on earth. Sports transcends boundaries. Sports is elemental. It is a world in and around itself. You find stories, legends and immortality in sports. You find the arrogance of a Balotelli, the sheer brilliance and legend of a George Best. You find the passion of a thousand prayers, the tears of a million and the collective gasps of several thousand every time the ball hits the back of the net. You find grace in Federer’s backhand, you find your heart skip a beat every time Messi skips past the Los Galacticos defence. You find your eyes well up as Beckham breaks down at the side lines, on being substituted for the last time in his dazzling career. You will smile when you come across the footage of Sourav Ganguly roaring while swinging his shirt above his head at Lords, the mecca of cricket.
When the football struck by the Indian kid, accidentally lands on the other side of the fence, almost inevitably the Pakistani kid will line up to take a free kick to send it right back to him. Sports has never recognised borders. It vanquished apartheid, it vanquished racism.
You find humanity on field when the rival player rushes over to save the life of his opponent, by sticking his finger down his throat and saving him from asphyxiation. You know then, that the world is still brilliant and to be celebrated.

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