Sales: The bigger picture

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Re: Sales: The bigger picture

#1 Postby saketroy2 » Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:07 am

I agree to the points highlighted by you. One Point I beg to differ as you said that Customers buys you not product. I agree but there is product also which is responsible whether it is saleable or not.
Maggie...Apple phones....and many more other products are sold automatically even though there are no salesperson with it....just bcz the product is such awesome.

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Sales: The bigger picture

#2 Postby rustedcore » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:01 pm

Sales is one of the most budding field in today's world. A lot of people opt for it as their career, and everyone has different reasons why they like it. Some like the incentives involved, some like talking to people, some even like the extensive travelling. There could be other reasons too which i would not care to touch upon at this point of time.

What is seen in the field of sales, time and again and since centuries, as this field is so old, is that people are extremely motivated when they join a sales job, but once they are in it for some time and they have to do the same tasks everyday they start despising it. Some people try too hard and cant make the sales they hope to, some people just don't like to go on field everyday anymore, they don't feel like waking up in the morning and going to work. some people find the benefits to be not in proportion to the work they put in. What this leads to essentially is people losing interest in the job they are doing, which results in them either quitting the job or doing it very inefficiently. This not only wastes the time of people who are involved in the whole process, the salesmen and the company alike but also makes the whole process a mere wastage of time, money and all the other resources deployed.

I want you to look at it differently. Sales is not about selling a product, or closing a deal. NO. Its about selling yourself. Every time one goes on the field and closes a deal, its not the product that gets sold, but the person selling the product. People buy the product just cause YOU are selling it. It is highly possible that the same people would not buy the product if it was some other salesman selling it to them. Basically they just bought you. You are the BRAND they buy, there is just another product associated with you. If you are a brand, you don't look at an immediate goals 'OH I AM SO DESPERATE TO CLOSE THIS DEAL, I WANT THE COMMISSION', no. A brand is only successful if its actions are directed towards long term goals. What is your long term goal? I am taking a guess that it is becoming the best salesman and close the biggest and the maximum number of deals, since you chose it as your career option of course.

When u talk to any prospect, don't get desperate trying to sell the product, the desperation becomes evident on your face. Sell yourself instead and do it subtly. Make efforts to make small talks, give out complements try to like people you talk to. Don't make sales, make relationships on the field. That is how you will become a brand and that's how you will close the maximum number of deals and go anywhere in your field. In the long run, you don't want converted customers, rather you want customers who would approach you every time they want to buy a product or have any query regarding it. They will start recommending you to their friends cause you would become a true Brand which is now being spread by word of mouth. If a person is wasting your time buy just making conversation and not buying your product, don't let it bother you. give him your five minutes. Learn to be professional. Everyone likes professional characters, they are just more trustworthy. You will see in the long run that all these 5 minutes you thought you wasted, are actually the best things you ever did on the field, not the sales, not the numbers, but your standing with the people you meet on the field, the amount of trust they have in you is what will take u places. Not only will you learn to deal with a variety of people, you will also know what went wrong and why a customer did not get converted, you will know how differently you could have approached a customer and can implement the learning in you next pitch.

Happy Selling. :D

Kamal Kant.

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