Difference B/W Smart Sales people and the old school one's..

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Difference B/W Smart Sales people and the old school one's..

#1 Postby vish1990 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:05 am

Two friends, Nitesh and Shashank, had joined a big sales company together just after graduation. Both of them worked really hard.Three years have passed and the company‘s director promoted one of them – Nitesh became Team Leader . Shashank did not get any promotion and remained in the sales department.

Shashank decided that it is unfair, so he came to his boss and told him, that he doesn’t appreciate a hard working staff. The boss knew that Shashank works hard, and in order to show the difference between him and Nitesh, he asked: Shashank to go to the market and look is there anyone selling mango's!! Shashank went outside and saw at the corner there was one seller of mango's. He immediately returned back and told his boss... yes, there is one seller at the corner, the boss asked the price per kg!! He again went back and returned, Sir it is Rs 100/kg.

Then the boss asked Nitesh to do the same thing, Nitesh went out took a little more time than Shashank and when he returned, the boss asked want took you so long then he said, he found one seller at the corner who was selling Mango's Rs 100/kg, Rs 950 for 10kgs, the seller was having round about 30kgs. He asked him where he can find the whole seller he actually want to buy 100 kg mango's, then the seller directed him to the whole seller who was located two blocks ahead. He went to the whole seller and asked the price it was Rs 90/kg, and Rs 800 for 10kgs. The Mango's with the whole seller were more fresh, was of mangifera species couple of hour back only they have unloaded a truck full of mango's.

Shashank was impressed by the difference between him and Nitesh. He realized that he needs to learn a lot from his friend.

As you can see from this story, successful people are more observant. They think and seek for more good options.

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