Reading Through Famous Logos

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Re: Reading Through Famous Logos

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Very interesting& informative!

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Reading Through Famous Logos

#2 Postby aravind07 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:45 pm

1. Baskin Robbins- The pink color in the logo represents 31 which signifies its 31 original flavours offered, giving the message that 31 flavors for 31 days in a month. :D
2. VAIO- As seen in the picture V & A represents the analog and I & O shows the digital binary code.
3. Hope for African Children Initiative- One of the best use of negative space showing an adult and child facing each other. :|
4. NBC News- The logo symbolizes 6 bright feathers of a peacock. The negative space shows the peacock looking right which gives the message that the company is looking ahead.
5. Wikipedia- The incomplete nature of the globe signifies incomplete nature of wikipedia symbolizing the online encyclopaedia as always expanding. :roll:
6. Unilever- A close examination on the logo shows that each part has a meaning. If you closely examine you can see bees, birds, dna, corn, flower, palm tree and much more.
7. Tour de France- Just take a close look at ‘O’, ‘U’, ‘R’ and the ‘Yellow O’. It represents a cyclist. :P
8. CISCO- The logo of the leading networking equipment giant depicts the two towers of Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco.
9. Toblerone- The Swiss chocolate bar brand owned by Mondelez International, originated from Bern, Switzerland. The place is known as city of bears so does the logo has a bear climbing a mountain. :D
10. Amazon- The yellow arrow actually represents a smiling face. Also it starts from A and ends in Z giving the meaning that amazon sells everything from A to Z and brings a smile on the customers face when they purchase a product. :o
11. Flipkart- The leading ecommerce company in India has differentiated their logo with its letter F. It has made the letter F that signifies a shopping cart.
12. Pittsburgh Zoo- Another good example of use of negative space which represents a gorilla and a tiger facing each other. :)
13. Northwest Airlines- The logo can be depicted in two ways. One is the N and W and the other is the small triangle in the circle signifying a compass showing northwest direction.
14. FedEx- The forward arrow hidden between E and X signifies the company’s speed and accuracy in deliveries.
15. Toyota- Last but not the least, the famous Japanese car manufacturer’s logo. I think its self explanatory. :D
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