Facebook - All you should know about it..!!

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Facebook - All you should know about it..!!

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Facebook – This name must be very familiar to you, as it is the only platform having the biggest market share of youths working on it.On an average users are spending atleast 20 minutes a day on Facebook by uploading photos, sending messages, or even having discussions within a group.

For What all Facebook is Used:-

For Individual Use

A place for a profile picture
Contact information and "About You" space
The Wall-- a place where friends can publicly post comments for you (a digital bulletin board)
Status update-- where you can tell your friends how you are or what you are doing
News Feed-- regularly updated information about your friends-- groups they've joined, applications or friends they have added, changes to their profiles
A space for uploading photos and videos

For Business Use

Now-a-days facebook is getting heavily used by various businesses for advertisement purpose.They use it for..

For promotion of a product launch.
For interacting with clients directly.
For the advertisement of the business to be ahead among competitors.
To know about the feedback of clients on various services & products.

Creating a Business Page

It is the best way to promote a business, to build awareness for a cause, to gather support for an issue,to advertise a product launch.

How to Create – Business Page

Just go to this URL.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

After that, choose one listing which suits your business from the list

Local business or place
Artist, band, or public figure
Company, organization, or institution
Brand or product
Cause of community

Now, after completion of previous step provide complete information about the page i.e.

Uploading a photo – In case of a business page it could be company's logo..

About Section – Here, write something about the products of your business & what is there which makes you different from your competitors.

Admin Panel – The “Edit” section of this section allows you to update the infor provided by you in the last section.

Build Audience – Now-a-days Facebook has given an option of building audience through the advertisment on site or by special promotions of some particluar posts or updates. This could be a good option if you want to pay to build your audience.But if you dont want to invest on this, then you can build audience by sharing the content which is of more use for the audience & not to you.This can easily indulge them in all the activities you do on the page.

Posts – It is the section where you can post the right content for the right audience, which people would really love to see.You can also highlight the posts by clicking the star on the upper right of every post, the same will then come horizontally across your entire page.  This feature can be used for any product announcement, on any special event, to offer special discounts.

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