The rage about social media marketing

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Re: The rage about social media marketing

#1 Postby nitis » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:49 am

Well social media marketing is the marketing and promotion of products that you do through social media websites like Facebook,twitter and LinkedIn.Now days if you are advertising your product or any service through the social media,then you are the new king.But in today's scenario with modern technology coming in internet has become an important tool to market your product.A whole crowd of people are on the social media now days and out of these many are promoting their business through the social media.

There is a whole queue of people who are waiting just to market their product on the social media.There are various youngsters now days who have developed their own websites and if they have created something,so how will they promote it so that the public can see their websites.The answer is simple,through the use of social media.That is the best tool which is in store now days mainly for the younger generation.But in today's environment when the internet penetration has increased multiple times,the rage of social media is tremendously increasing.Due to it the online traffic is increasing as multiple users are accessing the social media sites together with many sites heavily loaded during peak working hours.Most of the people are not able to access social media due to the huge rush,due to which they are losing on time.Many times the increased traffic on the sites had lead to site crash which leads to loss in business.

So,it is not all good.Businesses are suffering due to the high rage of marketing on social media.Many internet service providers have started taking actions against businesses who are highly involved in social media marketing,which will finally lead to a smoother marketing of the products on the social media.

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Re: The rage about social media marketing

#2 Postby amolss3 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:04 pm

Every next company has presence on social media irrespective of its product offerings. Its because social media is gaining importance. Facebook has over 100 million users in India. So marketers have found a way to attract and engage customers. Customers avoid going to shopping they purchase most of the things online. This shows the power of social media site. The social media reaches from a child to the old. It increases customer base as well as it helps companies in growing up their businesses.

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Re: The rage about social media marketing

#3 Postby shalini1792 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:48 am

It's very true, People now a days are attracted towards the social networking a lot. And so the marketers have a found a way to allure there customers at that platforms as well through social media marketing. The new era of taking the business online has started. Those businessess who dont operate online has this limitation with themselves. People are so engaged in the online activities that they dont have time to visit the shops or banks or malls by themselves . This the place where social networking media is coming into the picture.

It provides the customer with the handy information, And also the assurance that they will get the product at there place and now also with the facility at payment after delivery. So people are doing there most of the purchases and buyings on the net only. The social media reaches to mass of people at every place from a child to the old . Hence, its considered the best way to advertised a product.

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Re: The rage about social media marketing

#4 Postby Priya16 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:24 am

Social media marketing is considered is one of the best marketing strategies till date. Social media marketing is marketing on social networking sites through advertisements. Social media marketing is increasing day by day. People spend most of the time on social sites. Everyday a new online portal starts and everything is available online just a click away. Social media networking helps to broaden the customer base. Marketing is all about getting noticed. Here on social media sites advertisements are given to attract consumers. And it helps also in attracting the customers than the traditional methods. Social media helps in growing up the business and I believe that every organisation should follow social media marketing.

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The rage about social media marketing

#5 Postby PrahladScmhrd1 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:49 pm

Social media marketing (SMM) is what everyone seems to be talking about these days. What is it exactly? It is pretty much advertising in social media sites like twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Whats so great about it compared to google ads? The thing about Social media marketing is that they dont function based on user key words. They extrapolate the user data such as age, sex, nationality, preferences and design marketing strategies accordingly. This is a smart way to narrow down the targeted audience and develop strategies with cheaper cost per acquisition. This has massively picked up after Facebook's user count. Facebook has pretty much connected almost all of the internets population. Thus it possesses vast information about every user's bio. Companies can target ads based on that and get better responses. Its very hard to quantify ROI led by SMM. But the direct sales can be found out by everytime someone is led to an ecommerce website and a purchase is made. Apart from sales strategies SMM can be a very powerful branding tool. Creative pages are created to attract potential customers and increase the brand image by making the users feel that they are meant to be a part of that page. Social media is split into 3 categories. Also known as the 90:9:1 model. 90% of the people belonging to a page are lurkers. They just see daily posts on their news feed and dont do anything about it. 9% of the people are keen observers. These people might like a page if they like it. 1% of the population are the actual content creators of the page. They are the ones who are very active on the page. It is important that the required target audience belongs in this 1% for the right definition of potential customers.

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