Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opinion

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Search gives more Customers than Social Media:Your Opinion

#11 Postby Shivani » Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:04 pm

Social Media has proved to be a boon to many companies, as people have become used to get discounts & and deals on social networks, but these discounts rarely create loyal customers and adversely impact the value of those customers.

A survey has analysed the the purchasing habits of 72 million online shoppers and found that customers who discovered an online retailer via organic search spent more money and shopped more frequently than customers who originated from other channels, like Facebook or Twitter. Surprisingly, in 2013, Facebook and Twitter were collectively responsible for less than one percent of customer acquisitions.

So, what does it mean now that one should give up on social media if the question is to find the customers..Ofcourse not the best customers are far more valuable than your average customers and they might originate from channels like social media.And when sometime is investing both time & money in Social media so it should be used wisely in a balancing manner..because when it come to find the customers for a product then its better to market it on Facebook rather than Twitter.

But for the some companies social media can prove much better than search..the content on your company's blog can create search leads but also help engage and convert prospective customers on social media. On the other hand, social media can help draw customers to your blog and create conversations about your company. And a prospect usually don't come straight to buy the product he/she might have seen references to that product or service by friends, colleagues, and other influencers. Although the major search engines are increasing but in this case Social media provides an important measure of these factors.

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