Facebook,linkedin - is marketing effective in Indian context

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Re: Facebook,linkedin - is marketing effective in Indian context

#11 Postby avinash » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:44 am

Facebook, Linkedin were started as social networking sites, where more and more people connect with each other to share their views.. as it grows the scope of these sites also goes up.. today more and more companies are creating their separate pages and groups on Facebook and Linkedin to get maximum eyeballs of people.

It's true that for expanding business, one can take the advantage of these platforms.. specially Service Industry.

Is it successful in India..?
Yes, you like a page of any company... be it BMW, Snapdeal, or EA sports, then see the updates and advertise they use to do to keep you highly aware of what's new has come to them, about the various offers.
Though you will not click on it at that time but a simple strategy of (Jo Dikhta Hai, Vo Bikta hai) works here.. ;)


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Re: Facebook,linkedin - is marketing effective in Indian context

#12 Postby archit » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:44 am

I don't have much idea about Twitter, but people are using Facebook and Linkedin Heavily to promote their Brands...Specially online retail company are using FB heavily to promote their offers and end of season sales..not only that they also have lot of customer retention strategy running through social media.

For eg. If you like Jabong.com page on FB they will give you additional discount coupon for your next purchase and once you like that page they keep on updating about new offers. They also have very lucrative combo packs running on side of website. If you analyze in last 2 years online sales of retail items have gone up massively and social media is very strong platform for same.

On the other hand B2B companies are generating good business by using Linkedin heavily as they directly get in touch with decision makers.

Golden rule of advertising is maximum number of prospective customer should see you ad, today youth is spending maximum time on social media and has limited access to magazines or TV..therefore if you want to attract them you should advertise on the space where they are spending maximum time.

According to Economic times Survey number of shipment for online retail store has grown 56% as compared to 2011 in tier 2 cities, which is a clear indication of people visiting these websites all over India.

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Facebook,linkedin - is marketing effective in Indian context

#13 Postby Kalpit » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:04 pm

Everyone keeps on hearing that for expanding business one should advertise on Facebook , LinkedIn , twitter etc. Is it really successful in India. How many of us clicks on ads in Facebook . Have anyone an idea which co is heavily using these sites to promote their brands.

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