What is the biggest challenge facing your business today?

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#1 Postby vish1990 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:24 pm

One of the challenges faced by business is "Brand Loyalty"...

In today's scenario customer have got an ample number of choices for almost everything. So, it's difficult to hold them for long if they find better product they'll move if they find better service they'll move...

So, it's not the time to go with default procedures... business has to think out of the box and go out of the way to serve his customer. "The old the customer the better and best product and service he or she expects".

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#2 Postby rajnisht » Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:45 pm

1. Answering customer calls.
2. Satisfying customers by timely service.
3. Time is the biggest challenge.
4. Quality of service.
5. Compensating in case of qualify defects or replacing defective parts. Another big challenge.


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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#3 Postby kajal01 » Thu May 28, 2015 3:56 pm

I would say, lack of innovation. Lack of fresh new ideas is what keeping India behind and yes we can blame technology for it. We see other countries coming up with new gadgets, new products and the contribution by India is too less. We need to improve our technology and keep innovating. New fresh ideas is what will take us ahead. And to drive them, we need tech support. Government funding is what can help here. a good investment here will help India go miles.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#4 Postby tanusharmaimtn » Thu May 28, 2015 3:48 pm

The biggest challenge today would definitely be technology. Especially in India, we are far behind the developed nations as far as technology is concerned. We are struggling with technology and equipment which has already been upgraded to new ones. We need to be at par with these nations to compete with them. This is the reason why foreign products are valued more than our country made products. Government should take a stand here and help in making India stand on the same tech platform as the other developed nations.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#5 Postby archanaimtn » Fri May 22, 2015 7:31 pm

Biggest challenge in Business today :

• Coping up with the fast growing Technology : Innovations are happening every minute, every second. We have seen how digital media has transformed the way we see marketing today. You need new ideas, new techniques, new plan, new strategies every now and then. You need to be very adaptive to change with technology.

• Government and corruption : This is nothing new to India. Yes, we have high hopes from the present government and they are making several reforms to make India a good place to do business, but lets not forget the corruption that has been ruining India for years.

•Too many competitors : When you start a business you need to keep the the porters 5 forces in mind. With India growing, and business expanding you have a lot of competitors and lot of substitutes. Everything should be kept in mind while doing a business.

• Retaining the customers : With so many players in the market, it has become a challenge for brands to retain the loyalty of their customers. incentive, discounts, quality etc, there are so many factors to be kept in mind to keep the customers loyal to you.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#6 Postby Priya16 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:43 am

I think there are various challenges facing business today. First of all because of the rising competition, there are so many things need to be done. Then comes the upgrading technology. Everyone wants latest and advanced technology. The business that uses old technology products are almost shut down. Now, the Ambassador ca manufacturing in India is closed everywhere. Now no Ambassadors cars will be seen on Indian roads. Ambassador was one of the best cars in India. Then rising corruption in the government sectors. Government is regarded as the biggest customer in business. However, there are so many disadvantages like delay in payment etc people don't serve their business to government. If all corruption and malpractices are stopped then I think people will earn most of the money from the government and the same will be regarded as the biggest customer.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#7 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:41 am

In now a days the biggest challenge is to find the loyal and honest employees.
If we find the loyal and honest may be he/she will be not so competitive.
If the employee is hard worker, creative and competitive may be he will not stick to same organization for longer time.
Because they want fast growth and more compensation, as they know that they are capable and many of the industries like to hire them.
So the organization should understand and try to maintain have these type of employees for more turnover.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#8 Postby Sales_20 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:34 pm

How to market a new product in the market differently when lots of competitors are there..according to me this is the biggest competition.

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#9 Postby rinky05 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:19 am

We can never rely on one source to judge the problems business are facing today. There are many challenges that are needed to taken care of by an organization both internally and externally for its success.

Some of these challenges are :

1) Attracting and keeping good people : One challenge that organizations are facing right now is attracting and retaining good people because it is very difficult to judge who is the right person for the organization.

2) Equalizing technology with knowledge : Second challenge that organizations are facing right now is equalizing technological knowledge among their teams  . In an organization it is very important to keep the staff up to date with upcoming technologies to capture new projects.

3) Unified Vision and Focus: People always focus on short term and personal goals so it is duty of the leader to motivate and train them to work in a team, and turn their focus to long term goals with no individual benefits but for the success of the organization .

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Re: What is the biggest challenge facing your business today

#10 Postby sparx » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:55 pm

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for a business now-a-days is new technology that could make the business or strategy obsolete.

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