Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

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Re: Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#1 Postby anki21 » Wed May 27, 2015 1:36 pm

Definitely. With new ideas, driven by latest technology, developing every second, Entrepreneurship is the next best thing. It is giving boost to a lot of people to come forward with innovative ideas and start a business of their own. The growth rate of startups in India has been exceptionally high in the recent years which is a good thing for the economy of India as well. With new government in place, new policies should be made to boost such ideas and make funding easy for such people. Entrepreneurs are the ones that can transform our country and therefore it should definitely be encouraged.

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Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#2 Postby khyatiimtn » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:01 pm

Entreprenurship means to engage in an activity , or trade or business which shall be carried out by the entrepreneur on his own. It is a business which deals with innovation, new idea generation , techniques and technological growth. Yes,I personally believe that entrepreneurship should be encouraged especially in our country India. It gives an edge over other innovations.It helps in generating various new ideas , engaging in new innovations and self dependency. It also helps in employement generation. Entrepreneurship gives the pride of achieving something of our own. Had there not been an entrepreneurship , there wouldnot have been I-phone by Apple. Similarly if we look across there are various technological and other innovations which took place due to entrepreneurship. There should be a proper government initiative to encourage entrepreneurship so that a better and effective ideas and innovation can be done in our country improving the GDP and the employement level.

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Re: Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#3 Postby nitis » Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:41 pm

Yes,definitely in my opinion entrepreneurship should be encouraged.Entrepreneurship is not what ordinary peoples do,but it is what extraordinary people do.Entrepreneurship is the art of opening up your own business of which you are the boss.The capability of becoming an entrepreneur is found rarely as most of the people don't take that path and if they do,it is thought of as a normal business in Indian context like a opening up a brick and mortar shop.If we talk about entrepreneurship,it comes from the western countries like the United States and the European countries which are pioneers in the field of entrepreneurship.All the things we are using now are being invented by the great Americans as we call them.They were the original entrepreneurs of the world.

So,to encourage entrepreneurs there are some steps that should be taken.Firstly the teaching of entrepreneurship should be given to the students at the undergraduate level so that they can get a sense of entrepreneurship.Most of the people in India don't know,what entrepreneurship is all about.Secondly the entrepreneurs should come forward and help the cause.The people who are real entrepreneurs should conduct seminars and open houses for young graduates,so that they can inspire young minds.Thirdly the mindset of people should be changed,that is very important.Most of the people believe in our country that entrepreneurship is just some usual job.They prefer engineers and doctors over entrepreneurship.This is all because the environment of building entrepreneurs is not at all in our country.In our country entrepreneurship is thought of as a brick and mortar business.Although many people are doing business in this way in our country,so this is giving a bad name to entrepreneurship.

All of the people have to think the modern way.Entrepreneurship is not just setting up your business,it is about how you manage your business and make deals with your clients.So if these things are kept in mind,entrepreneurship can be easily developed in our country.

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Re: Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#4 Postby amolss3 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:23 pm

Our country comes under the head of developing nation. This means we are still lagging behind compared to developed nation. This implies huge scope for development. The development happens when we encourage entrepreneurship. It helps in the development of the society and ultimately in the development of country as a whole. It will be helpful in economy growth of the country. People will become self reliant.

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Re: Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#5 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:56 am

Yes, we should encourage entrepreneurship, because if want to develop our country like US and japan and Germany, we should encourage entrepreneurship, by that we can increase revenues in India. Not only for this if we encourage young stars to start a company rather than searching for a job, we can increase productivity and we can create more and more jobs for the students. We should encourage the people who has capability to run a firm in effective way, that person should have great leadership skills and Managerial skills otherwise they can not sustain in the market. Of course now a days most of the young stars are participating in events like entrepreneurship cell programs and even most of them are ready to start new venture also and we should encourage more people, who are ready to start a new company in the filed of manufacturing and information technology. Because if a country able to produce their products by them self, that will lead to good position in world, best example for this is China, they concentrated more on manufacturing sector. Really these two sectors are going to rule the world in the future.

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Re: Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#6 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:23 am

According to my opinion entrepreneurship should be encouraged to those persons who have the quality of being an entrepreneur.

Because an entrepreneur should need some skills to run a business such leading skills, taking risk, good communication,
confident and ready to learn and face the problem.

And the most important thing he/she should be financially strong and also should have the managing and convincing skills.
There are very few people who can be trained all these qualities and they get success in the business.

Because at last everybody want to do the business fir the sake of only earning profit, if that they cannot earn then its waste of both time
and money .

Entrepreneurs have one more quality that they cannot work under anybody.

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Should entrepreneurship be encouraged??

#7 Postby Priya16 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:54 am

SHould entrepreneurship be encouraged?? Yes, it should be always encouraged. Compared to developed nations like USA and China, we are still lagging behind and are still called as the developing country. Entrepreneurship helps in the development of the society as a whole. It helps in the up liftment of the society. Most people fear of entrepreneurship because of the ups and downs in a business and the risk involved in it. Business without risk is not a business, And, it is not that when you are pursuing job, you are secured and you will secured monthly payments. But, during recessions why are job working people removed?? So, still u think that you are secured. We should develop the mindset of people to ace the risk and grow. During entrepreneurship you will earn more than you earn while doing job. You will everyday have new things to do rather that the same monotonous work while doing jobs. You will face new challenges everyday which will help you to grow. We should develop institutes and courses which provide entrepreneurial training and development. Entrepreneurship should be in the curriculum in schools so that we develop the mindsets of the students also. Infact, most of the students know the word entrepreneurship in their colleges which is a big shame on the education system of India.

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