Innovation!! is it necessary???

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Re: Innovation!! is it necessary???

#1 Postby BruceGamble » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:38 am

Now i am going to study for online supply chain management degree this is very creative and innovative course i have to complete this course i will try to to get my won business. so this are all completed and the starting new and innovative business the first this is creative and innovative business minds its very important for starting a one new good business.
yes i will agree this innovation is must important because it will create new business sections and help with technology and accessing for a good creative departments and so on.

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Re: Innovation!! is it necessary???

#2 Postby archanaimtn » Thu May 28, 2015 8:00 pm

Innovation : Something that drives a company. It is that essential element that keeps a company running. To be among the best, you need to keep innovating, develop new products, new ideas. This is what keeps the business running.
What helps in innovation are ideas and technology. One should be an idea person and come up with new ideas and strategies every second. To support these ideas, one needs the help of technology. Both together can help in creating something magical that can last forever for the company.

With so many competition in the market, so many substitutes available, innovation has definitely become a necessity. More than anything, a company should put in resources to keep this area running. We know, change is the only constant thing, and a change that brings good to the society, to the people, to the company is always welcome. Innovation is something that can help us in this. Over the years, everybody is trying to do something better and achieve something more. Look where we are now, and the reason : Innovation. We still have miles to go, we still have areas yet to be explored. With innovation we can see everything in a new and unique way.

Therefore, it is a necessity, indeed.

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Re: Innovation!! is it necessary???

#3 Postby amolss3 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:03 pm

Yes. It is the need of the day. Innovation means bringing something new in the market. It is the way of handling things in a creative manner. It is creativity within boundaries. It could be an idea, thought, product or skill presenting to the world through innovative way.
In today’s dynamic marketplace, innovation is essential to enhance business competitiveness and sustainability. Moreover, a developing business environment that supports innovation can contribute to employment creation and ultimately to increase economic growth.

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Re: Innovation!! is it necessary???

#4 Postby nitis » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:37 pm

Yes,innovation is necessary.Its not necessary,its the necessity.Without innovation,survival is not at all possible.

Let me begin with an example.There are two companies,one is in business of making mobiles and launches a new mobile in every two years.Another company is in the business of making car but launches a car in a time interval of four to five years.So who is more innovative?Electronic company or car company.This creates a big question in the minds of the people who buy these products.Obviously electronic company is more innovative as it launches its products often and offers a sense of responsiveness to its customers. Innovation plays a critical role in the success of every organisation.Let me take two companies Tata Motors and Samsung.Both are big companies in their domains,but Samsung is more innovative as it offers various mobile phones at cheapest prices.

Well you have to be innovative otherwise world doesn't recognises you.In case of humans each one has to keep on adding some qualities in himself as time progresses,if that is not done then the reputation of that person degrades with time.This is seen very often in the surroundings around us.If you are not innovative and working for a company,then your company fires you as you are a Non Performing Asset to the company.Being not innovative,adds to the burden of the company in terms of effort,money and profit making.In today's world if you are innovative,then everybody try to take you.Innovation does not mean good in understanding and profit making,it means that your are good in various technique making and know what the situation demands.Innovative person works as per the demand of the market and always know which step to take next.He is always thinking and thinking and thinking.He has lot of brain power as rightly said by someone.Well these kind of people are in great demand nowdays as they are the most talented.So if you are innovative then you don't need to do anything more in this world.

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Re: Innovation!! is it necessary???

#5 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:38 am

Yes, innovation is necessary to sustain competitive in the business world.
The sales person, entrepreneur, employees and key executives everyone should be innovative and creative to sustain in the organization and business world.
this world respects the more creative and innovative persons.
the sales person have to be very creative to attract the customer to buy the product.
the decision maker should be innovative to make the creative stratigies to have maximum percentage of market share.
the entrepreneur should be creative in providing the product and service so that he/she can target maximum number of customers.

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Innovation!! is it necessary???

#6 Postby Priya16 » Fri May 23, 2014 10:13 am

Joseph schumpeter said that entrepreneurship is all about innovation and creativity which I believe is true. In this 21st century we need innovation and creativity for the business to succeed. We need to think out of the box and also we need to ask questions to us "why people should buy our product?". We need something new everyday, so the business also need to bring innovation and creativity in their business. Innovation should be done so as to bring and launch new products that give value to the people and society. When you tend to bring innovation, your business is different than your competitors, be it innovation in services you provide or innovation in the assembly line etc that helps you to manage your costs. One suggestion to those people out there who wish to start up their own business or chose the path of entrepreneurship, innovation is the basic necessity these days. People will not buy your products and services if its the same as of your competitors. Bring some change or some innovation in your products and services so that people feel that yes this is the kind of product I have always been looking for and you as a businessman satisfy your customers which should be the utmost priority of the firm or organisation.

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