Google Initiatives for SMEs in India

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Google Initiatives for SMEs in India

#1 Postby vik274 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:03 pm

The SMEs sector has been on a growing trajectory especially in the last decade. It provides employment to over 70 million people in rural and urban sector. While the Sector employs 40% of India's workforce but contributes only about 17% to the country’s GDP.
One of the primary reasons cited for this has been the sector's slow adaptation to the technology. According to a study conducted, nearly 90% of SMEs in India have no access to the Internet as compared with only 22% of SMEs in China and 5% in the US. Increase in technology adoption by SMEs can potentially add $ 50 billion to country's economic output and create more than one million jobs.
Big giants like Google have initiated massive campaigns to market SMEs in India. "India Get your business Online" aims at bringing down the barriers that prevents SMEs to get on the internet. Google India partnered with Getit Infomedia to market Adwords to SMEs in South India. As part of this project many SMEs were taught to make global presence at lower costs with measurable results.
What exactly made Google so lucrative for SMEs? For SMEs, one gets all the enterprise class products like Mail Services, Calendar, and File Management at a very low price. One of the major advantages that SMEs gained out of Google is on the marketing front. The way Google is evolving day by day, it will help many enterprises take advantages of the freedom they enjoy as consumers and using the web services to work together, from anywhere, anytime.

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