A healthy startup atmosphere

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Re: A healthy startup atmosphere

#1 Postby saketroy2 » Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:21 am

Right people at right place...successful mantra for any business to grow. Start ups surely need extra time and care than the established ones. What one more thing can be added that...start ups should made employee feel that they are doing for their own growth. Once the organization grows & mature, employees directly gets benefited.

Look at the best example of Shoppers stop, since its inception they are motivating their employees to treat each and every customer well. Employees were given dinner coupons, their families were invited to make them feel that shopper stop is their family. Emotional connection is very necessary.

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A healthy startup atmosphere

#2 Postby anirudh16 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:26 pm

There is growing need for startups and good entrepreneurs, or rather i would say GREAT entrepreneurs. There would be a million things a leader of a startup has to manage. As they say there are no sick day's in a startup. The leader and his team should be healthy and bright to take the startup to a next level. These are a few things which I feel will create a healthy startup atmosphere.

1. Stay Focused and reduce the stress: The startup phase of any company is chaotic and requires long hours of work. This can leave the leader and his team stressed out. A proper time management and staying focused would certain the reduce the stress and would make things go smooth and profitable.

2.Be organized : There is just 24hrs a day and there are lot of things to be done. Prioritising the work and prior scheduling of the work greatly helps in staying organized.

3. Goals and deadlines : establishing clearly defined and achievable goal will lead to companies success and also helps in staying focused. Goal are very important for keeping the startup healthy and growing.

4. Comfortable work environment : Though the startup may have financial constraint the workplace should be comfortable.

5. Motivating and rewarding : Constantly motivating and appreciating the team members will help them feel comfortable and also help achieve the companies goal. Reward the team members for the goals they have achieved. After all the productivity of a startup depends on sincere efforts of its employees.

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