Which other websites are used for social media marketing

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Which other websites are used for social media marketing

#1 Postby nitis » Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:33 pm

As we all know that social media marketing is widely used in promotion of any kind of business,whether its be a E-Commerce company or any kind of business selling goods and services.Social media promotion is an activity which is targeted on the consumers who actually buy and consumes the products.Facebook and LinkedIn are two major websites which are highly involved in the promotion of its services through social media.Apart from these two Quickr and Twitter are other websites which are highly popular among the general public.The other websites involved in the social media marketing are Mashable, Techcrunch, Adage and Brandweek.Although Facebook and LinkedIn are popular among the masses, Mashable and Techcrunch are highly popular in the foreign space.

Social media marketing is becoming a new way of life and it is slowly grasping many companies.Now days SME,start-ups or any large scale company are introducing this social media promotion strategy as a part of their mission statement.What these company are doing, they have people known as brand managers who works only on the branding of their products.There are a lot of people in the marketing team who are known as marketeers.These marketeers are behind the promotion of the products of the company.They promote the products through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many other sites which caters to media promotion.

Companies now days are always looking for people who can market their products.So, businesses and companies are always looking for people who can work in this domain.So all these websites always working for social media promotion and marketing.Social media activities were initially concentrated in the western countries, but lately it has captured the Indian companies too.So, the future for these websites is bright as they are excessively working on the social media platform.

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