What is Sales for you ?

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Re: What is Sales for you ?

#1 Postby prtkgrwl » Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:25 pm

Sales in a layman's language would meaning selling your products or how you sell your products.Today every industry take it a manufacturing or service industry everyone is concerned about increasing their sales and eventually their revenues.Every company's financial performance is quoted in terms of percentage sales.This means the word SALES has a huge importance in everyone's life.Every company has a separate Sales Dept and every sales person needs a separate kind of skill set which is considered genetic sometimes.

Taking about myths related to sales person then they are numerous. For example,Sindhis are considered to be best when it comes to selling a product.Most of sales person are considered to be good in canvassing or boot licking.This means there is lot of wrong publicity of Sales People.But this is not at all true!!

The truth is defined by Albert Einstein as “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”So whoever criticize sales or salesperson doesn't know the bright side.What pains it takes when it comes to selling a product.It needs a hardworking,optimistic,self motivated people. Even the movie 'Rocket Singh:Salesman of the year' signifies how critical is the role of salesman.So shun this conservative thinking and respect those who are indulged in this area of business.

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Re: What is Sales for you ?

#2 Postby satheeshkumar » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:54 pm

Sales is all about pushing products from manufacturers to consumers even if consumers are not much willing to buy it. Sales is neither a white collared job nor a blue collard job. It lies in between them. A product should sell by itself if there is a good marketing. So a heavy need for sales is not necessary if there is an effective marketing in a company. Hence sales is not a very critical function is a very effectively marketed company. Moreover salesperson encompasses a very wide range of selling activities from in store sales person to medical sales person. Hence sales people are reluctant in acclaiming themselves as "I am a sales person" .

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Re: What is Sales for you ?

#3 Postby ANKITSHAH » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:55 am

Sales is thought to be one of the most challenging jobs ever. It involves rigorous follow ups and meeting targets year after year. Many of them look down upon the job of sales as a very tedious and mechanical work and hence have a notion that the job calls for handwork only.Its high time to see the brighter side of it.

Almost all the experts in marketing have started their career as a sales executive. To excel in any organization, we need to know our customers well, which would come only through sales. Sales gives us a platform to interact with the customers and customize the products as per their needs. Unlike most of the monotonous desk jobs we need to travel a lot to gain a significant knowledge of the behavior of customers. The sales executive forms the actual building blocks for any organization as they are the contact point for the product and are thus the face of the organization.

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What is Sales for you ?

#4 Postby Shivani » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:15 pm

What is Sales for you ?? You might be wondering what kind of question it is, so let me make it more clear..in simple words the question is "Is Sales Your Life or Is It Just a Job for You?"

If we talk about Professionals then most of them take so much pride in the work they do or if said in other words it actually becomes their identity. Physicians say “I am a doctor” and add “Dr.” before the rest of their names. Some of them also fill in the blank with their respectable positions for eample.. “I am _____” with many titles like “an attorney,” “an accountant",” or “a teacher” etc..

So why is that sales professionals resist the label? Do you say, with pride, “I am a sales rep” or “I am a professional seller”? Please share your opinions about this..if you do feel proud in it or not whatever the case is.

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