What if I would become the sales manager of a Company

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What if I would become the sales manager of a Company

#1 Postby nitis » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:17 pm

Well,that day would be the best day of my life when I would be known as the Sales Manager of a company. That day I would be responsible for the companies sales department and have hundreds of employees working under me.This is the day for which every man dreams of in his life.So reaching to that position needs a lot of hard work,full knowledge of sales and a confident personnel.Well that day I would feel as I have reached the top of the world.It will be a time of joy.

Well being a sales manager of a top notch company is not a piece of cake,you have to struggle a lot before reaching to that position.When you reach there,then you have all that you want in life.So being a sales manager,I would like to improve the sales network in our company.Firstly I would like our company to market itself well on social media mainly on websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.so that the company is known well among the people who are using the Internet.As due to the the increasing penetration most people are on the social media now days.When our company is well known in the social media space,then the sales of the company will gradually boost up.This is what every company wants.Secondly,I will be conducting proper training of the salespersons who go on field visits to meet the customers for the promotion of the products.Every salesperson will be trained on how to interact with the customer and their attitude will be transformed into a right attitude which is required for doing sales.They will be taught the ways to do sales effectively and how to find prospective customers.Thirdly I would like to make the front line personnel's more effective as they are the one who have the maximum customer contact.Front line personnel's are the ones who are the face of the company like the front desk receptionist,air hostess of an airline or the waiter of a five star restaurant.

So all these activities are important for a companies success.I being a sales manager will definitely like to boost up sales.So I will surely take up these steps to improve the sales environment of my company and will like to become the best sales manager of my company

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