To Make Sales- You need to BELIEVE

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Re: To Make Sales- You need to BELIEVE

#1 Postby myleastprice » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:37 pm

1. Creating a Friendly Work Environment: Your employees spend a large chunk of their lives working in their office, so you should try to make the office look as friendly and appealing as possible.

2. Take advantage of your wall space. Your employees will spend a lot of time staring at your walls, so this is a great place to catch their attention and motivate them into doing better work.

Put up a bulletin board where people can post pictures, birthday cards, and any relevant personal information that they want to share with their coworkers. This will make people feel more relaxed and comfortable, and they may even smile when they peek at the board.

Recognize outstanding employees. Though you don't have to post the "employee of the month" on your wall, you can post a small notice or write a person's achievements on a whiteboard for the whole office to see.
If your company is going strong, put up some posters that show the company's progress to motivate the employees to do good work.

You can put up a few motivational slogans, but don't overdo it. You don't want your employees rolling their eyes at your overly-enthusiastic signs.

Hang a few pictures that are easy on the eyes. Don't put up loud and garish posters; instead, take the time to put up a few pictures or paintings that leave a pleasant impression.

3. Use food as incentive. Don't underestimate the power of having some food around the office. People will be much more excited to come to work if they know that there will be some food waiting for them.

4. Institute casual dress days. Casual dress days will make people more excited to go to work, and will make them feel more comfortable in the work environment. You can institute a casual Friday, or randomly choose to add extra casual days to the calendar.

5. Reward your employees for hard work. Setting up a system of rewards is an excellent way to motivate your employees. Whether you set up a contest to see who can accomplish something the fastest on a certain day, or if you have a competition to see who can generate the most revenue by the end of the month, any contest that has a reward, even if it's silly, will keep your employees motivated to produce solid work.
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To Make Sales- You need to BELIEVE

#2 Postby saketroy2 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:04 am

We all may have heard of projections & forecasting of companies and heard them of achieving it too. Sometimes the projected figures look very unrealistic, doubtful and still its achieved. How do they do it ? Is there any magic wand with them ?
Yes..I believe they have the Magic Wand with them...and that's in layman term is called " Believe "

Start believing you can will happen. Think Big..think high..
Take a need to catch flight in 5 walking you cant reach in 5 min...what you do ? You cover that distance in 5 min by running jumping or anything in ur do it and you also catch the flight...You catch it because you believe..if you gonna can catch....
Just stop believing that even after running you cant wont even will just walk backwards...

That kind of passion should be there. If you have something to share which can motivate share,,,

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