Think about your customer, to compete in the market.

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Re: Think about your customer, to compete in the market.

#1 Postby rosh77 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:06 am

Every business needs a reason for their customers to buy from them and not their competitors. However your product is good or service you cant force your customers to buy only from you, if they don't need it. So firstly you want to know the customers need what exactly they want to buy and whats their needs.

You need to know more about your customer ,the more effective your sales :
-What they buy
-why they buy
-How they buy
-where they buy
-when they buy
-How much money they have
-What they think about you
-What they think about your competitors

If u dont know what your customer are and how your customers view your competition, how will you able to meet their needs and desire.You can do your own market research so you get a much better chance of staying ahead of your rivals.

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Think about your customer, to compete in the market.

#2 Postby vish1990 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:20 pm

The world is changing rapidly, New Ideas, Innovations, Change in Technology and many other factors are there because of which, every new headline contains information that seems to impact business in a significant way.The competition is more active, customers are more discriminating, and nobody has enough time.
There was a time, just a few years ago, when it was easier. You could work hard for a while, and then you could relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. But that's no longer a case, every day pressure to reduce the cost and become more productive is increasing.. Every day you have to face a new challenge, when you wake up in the morning you don't know what problem you are going to face today..and today's performance no matter how good, will not be sufficient for tomorrow..
So, What I suggest is start preparing for tomorrow, "think a lot" think about your customers...

1. What's changing for this customer?
2. What do they want to accomplish this year?
3. What can I do to help them meet their goals?
4. What is the competition doing in this account?
5. What progress have I made this past few months?
6. What can I do now to increase my sales in this account?

Start thinking and keep on searching answer's to these questions on a continuous basis if you want to keep up on the market.

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