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Re: Negotiations

#1 Postby vitaj » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:02 pm

Negotiation is not a battle field where one only tries to prove his/her point. One should always listen to others and should keep an open mind before and during the negotiation. This might happen that you and your counterpart are mutually benefited by the success of this negotiation and you might be at a better position than if you had not gone for negotiation. We must respect our counterpart and I personally feel that a negotiation is one of the best ways of starting good ties.

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Re: Negotiations

#2 Postby rgs » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:23 am

Negotiation is the last step for closing the deal.Dealing with a hard negotiator is very difficult because the more you give the less for them.

Steps to be followed in order to deal with those hard negotiator are.
1.Should be calm while interacting with those customers
2.Customize the client requirement with your product so that you can show value for the money and proposed alternative product if required.
3.Be prepared for all the answers to be raised while conversation and be convincing.
4.Try to give addon facilities with the product
5.Give discounts which is profitable to both.
6.If still the customer is negotiating then at last convey to him this is the best in terms of pricing as we also have our certain company policies in terms of discount.

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Re: Negotiations

#3 Postby saketroy2 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:30 am

Negotiation skills we still use are of bygones era. we used to follow two main skills earlier- Taking a deep breadth and shutting your briefcase. These things don't work anymore.
Sometimes you are dealing with a customer and suppose you say the price Rs. 100, he will take a deep breadth and saying surprisingly HOW MUCH ?? People try to make feel the sales person guilty for telling the price.

Second is, the moment you tell the price, customer started packing bags and saying no no, if you want to give it at Rs.50 then proceed, otherwise am leaving.

What we all need to understand that negotiation should be for mutual benefit. It should be like making PIE bigger & better for both rather than cutting out bigger piece for yourself. This is where sales people or a negotiator fails to close a deal when he is unable to show the bigger pie to customer.

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Re: Negotiations

#4 Postby Priya16 » Sun May 25, 2014 7:45 pm

Negotiations is a very important skill that everyone should know. First of all, whenever we go to deal something we should not go with the impression that we are going to finalise a deal. We should show ourselves pretty confident, and we are here to make contacts. If we don't even get the contract, we are happy to meet them and make new contacts. This creates a impression that the party is pretty confident and they are competent enough to deal with the contract. No matter how the client is, how the deal is, we should always have a smile on our face. If he is being rude also, still keep that smile and talk to them politely. They will feel guilt as to the way they are talking still we are talking politely and with a smile. Smile is a thing which simplifies most of the problems. This is very important as to negotiation. Richard branson is regarded as one of the best negotiator in the corporate world. He had that skills to even alter the decision already taken. We should learn from him the different skills of negotiations.

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Re: Negotiations

#5 Postby shalini1792 » Sat May 24, 2014 11:08 am

Negotiations could be more effective if following things are kept in mind:

1. Be Prepared
2. A successful deal may depend on having the right setting, the right people at the table, and the right order of items
3. The instinct to reciprocate should not be underestimated. Besides, people are more likely to be persuaded by someone they like, than someone they don’t.
4. Effective negotiation is not only about getting the biggest piece of the pie, it is also about looking for ways to make the pie bigger for both sides.
5. Ask questions, and spend more time listening than talking. You might find that stuff you want is not important to the other side and vice versa.
6. No one likes to lose. Making your opponent feel bad or look bad is unlikely to win you much, but may poison your business relationship or even kill a good deal.
Hence if these things are well taken care of, Negotiation would be no more a difficult task for any sales person.

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Re: Negotiations

#6 Postby Princi » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:19 am

Negotiation should start with the understanding of customer.
What makes them tick?
What would make them enthusiastic about buying?
What's the problem that they're trying to solve through buying from you?
How much value do they attach to that?

Sometimes you'll be asked about your best price at the beginning of negotiations. In the starting don't tell lowest price of your product.Because the counter party can do further negotiation.
Counter the arguments of the potential customer in a positive manner.
Close the deal.
Stop selling when you know you've made the sale, and begin the closing process.

According to me if we will follow these steps, we can close the deal in efficient manner.

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Re: Negotiations

#7 Postby vikasverma30 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:39 am

Negotiation is an inevitable part of Sales process, At times the customers proves to be a very hard negotiator. In such conditions, The following steps can help us handling that customer and close a favorable deal:

1. Don't start offering discounts on the very first demand.
2. Establish win-win ground rules and expectations early.
3. While offering discount never following a trend like 5% initially, then 10% and so on, this gives a very adverse impression and the customer tends to bargain more.
4. Never give a "Surrender" impression, this gives the opposite party an edge to precede you.
5. Present the Forts of your product firmly before giving discounts, and then give an impression that we can not go below a certain limit as our standards are fixed, still if the customer insists then the next discount level should never be offered on the spot, ask them to allow some time.
6. Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of giving discount is to win a deal with reasonable profits and not to just throw away the product. This will hit the brand value in a long run as it gives a message in the market that we have a very flexible discount limit and the customer will always have a notion that there is still a scope for him to bargain.

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Re: Negotiations

#8 Postby ShubhamP » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:48 am

Negotiation is the most important phase of sales cycle.In Negotiation both the customer and the company wants to have the best deal . Customer wants maximum value addition at minimum cost and company focusses on maximising the negotiation becomes very critical . In negotation stage company should focus on providing the best package to the client and if the client is not agreeing on the price than company should try to provide some alternative packages and provide some extra discounts depending upon the deal .Company should focus on convincing the clients regarding the importance of the product /services and how it will be beneficial for the company.

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Re: Negotiations

#9 Postby ajit123 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:43 am

Some steps can be followed while dealing with hard negotiators:-

1. Provide value-additions with the proposed packages.
2. Commit for good quality and post sales service.
3. Provide alternative packages if the price is on a higher side for the customer.
4. If possible, provide extra discounts.
5. If the customer is still unsatisfied with proposed offer, you need to leave the customer.

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#10 Postby archit » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:41 am

When you know customer is very hard negotiator what approach should be adopted so that you do not end up in making loss deal?

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