Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#1 Postby rachna » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:30 am

Now a days, Virtual marketing is accepted by every industry...Its become an advantage for the companies to promote their product through different angles which touches the heart and mind of the people.Earlier advertising over the television, newspaper,hoardings is the only platform to make the brand popular but now virtual marketing is also equivalent.The eye catching description of the product and amazing photos over these platform not even attracts heart but mind too and pop up over the screen just make up the mind to buy the product...

To promote more products now companies developing app,small videos just to make it viral as higher percentage of people using smart phones for their social media access and they can contribute over B2B sales.

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#2 Postby prtkgrwl » Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:25 pm

By Virtual Marketing we simply mean a type of marketing by creating a virtual imagination in the mind of the people about our product.Today almost every company is going viral to cater this virtual market through Instagram,Facebook and many more.They post their advertisement ,images depicting about their product in something larger than life.Through this,they want to make such a presence in the minds of the people that they find this product closer to their heart.In this world of Mobile application,companies are trying to build applications that make people connected to them and buy/purchase of goods easier.

Apart from advertisements,companies even try to showcase,what is going in their company or any initiatives taken by that company in recent,just to propagate their brand through a different angle.For example,these days a video is going viral showing the delivery boys of Flipkart which shows how efficient is Flipkart in delivering their products.Today,through this tool of virtual marketing companies might have increased their spending,but at the same time their publicity has also increased manifold,which is visible through the number of likes or views they get on their Facebook post or on any other social networking sites.

Not only for products,but even people has started using this tool for increasing their visibility.Even during this year election campaign BJP used this tool extensively to Increase their image in the eyes of people particularly youth.So we can say in this world of Internet of things,Virtual marketing is the new cult delivering something unimaginable!!

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#3 Postby nitis » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:33 pm

Well Virtual marketing is the new red as it is becoming highly popular in today's era.Many businesses are shifting to virtual marketing from traditional marketing. Virtual marketing is highly beneficial for B2B mode of business.Many companies now days are promoting their business through various social networking sites like Facebook,LinkedIn and Twitter.This is the new art of building your business which the companies are doing now days.Each and every company now days have their presence on the social media.Lets take Flipkart as an example which is one of the largest e-commerce website in India and is ready to overtake Amazon in India in terms of sales and revenue.It will soon leave behind Amazon in India.So this competetion is all because of the social media presence of both businesses. Flipkart have a better online presence with products being offered at low prices,fast delivery,better flexibility and responsiveness.So when a product of a company is dispatched from the manufacturing facility and sent to the distribution center or from the distribution center to the retailer,the product gets a lot of importance and popularity before reaching the customer's hands.So this is all because of the virtual marketing of the product.So businesses are tracking other businesses in this modern world.

Now days various companies are showcasing their products on the social media and which are encouraging different manufacturers to contact these businesses to buy their product.So due to the social media various businesses are getting together and doing business.For example a supplier of sheet metal has his own website on which he is having different variants of products.Now a manufacturer of sheet metal pipes will contact the supplier through looking at his website and ultimately will buy from him which increases the sales of both the businesses.So virtual marketing is bringing businesses together and building a virtual world where it is the social media who are the ultimate actor.

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#4 Postby jaiimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:42 pm

I think that virtual marketing is a really a very good prospect for B2B sales. manufacturing industries now a days do lot of search on internet before buying a new product and many of times it happened product which had a good internet footprint often got the order

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#5 Postby rupeshimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:03 pm

B2B marketing is something different from B2C marketing But usage of sources for both the types are becoming same like social media , blog etc. Now a days many of the service providing companies used to find and connect to their clients through social media. As now a days almost every person is their in social media. So, it becomes easier and cheaper for marketer to find the required clients . Their are many B2B E commerce website has been launched to provide service to the customer . Websites like,, etc. These e-commerce websites connect to persons those provide final product to the end user. There is only one major disadvantage of virtual marketing is that the client is not able to see/ feel the quality of product. But marketer used to accept the final payment after the product is finally accepted by the clients.

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#6 Postby naveenthangavel » Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:26 pm

As Internet penetration is increasing in our country, presence of people in social networking websites tend to be more. So virtual marketing is really going to give an impact in sales in terms of B2C or C2C but when it comes to B2B, importance will definitely be there but not the greater extent.

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Re: Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#7 Postby Kalpit » Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:00 pm

In B2B there are some products which can have virtual marketing advantage but not all

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Importance of Virtual Marketing for B2B Sales...

#8 Postby ronak04 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:06 pm

Today's media change is shifting away from traditional media to virtual media ...........

With more than 60% of people are using social medias in B2B business. This way of social media offers a new way to interact with clients with the help of blogs, social sites such as facebook, linkdin, tweeter and blogs , youtube and voice and video chat. This type of different communication media tools can help us communicate with the customers in free manner, here in free manner means to say a engagement with the customer without inter petting his/her time. Imagine of Q&A on those social sites will not only help us to build good image of our company but it will also act as a backbone to our sales team.. through this type of communication we can inform about our products in desire format. Blogs are also great way to share new information, received feedback and gets an idea. Those social media are growing area of doing business because there is no time limits its in comfort zone of everyone.

Much of company's marketing can be found on their websites but using google analytic tools we can buy the words which consumers are searching for and then we can roll that word with our products in google search :D . One can add good communication link to their websites , articles, downloads, testo which can help b2b people to find more information about the company and which can save money to company and can able to give reasons to visit to company s website...

So this is smarter way to start using virtual marketing for B2B sales , this can be done by making virtual marketing plan , teaching sales staff and making best use of it for business.

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