How to do Sucessful Sales Calls or Pre Sales Calls??

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Re: How to do Sucessful Sales Calls or Pre Sales Calls??

#1 Postby nitis » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:05 am

Well sales is something which can be achieved either by face to face interaction between customer and sales person or through the internet via social media.Sales calls is the procedure in which the sales person does a face to face interaction with the customers for the purpose of doing sales and increasing profit of the company.For successful sales call there are a number of steps which must be taken wisely.Firstly for generating a successful sale the sales person must be completely fit and healthy so that he can perform the sales call confidently.Secondly the sales person must have accurate knowledge of the product which he is going to market in front of the customer which will ultimately make sales for him at the end.The sales person should know about the length and breath of his product which he is going to sell.Thirdly the sales person must be a good communicator and must speak confidently in front of his client.The most important thing during a sales call is your determination and how confidently you can put your product in front of your customer.These are the main ways to successfully do a sales call.

Sales calls are not tough to do,but it requires sheer determination and hard work.It requires a lot of field work.Well talking about pre sales calls it should be understood that if making a sales call requires hard work so making a Pre sales calls requires double hard work.For a pre sales call,you have to first contact up your client,then ask for a appointment and then meet them at their given desired location.So this requires a lot of travelling and investment by the sales person.So to successfully do a pre sales call the sales person must have the whole information about the client which he will meet,so that he saves a lot of time knowing about the client.So pre sales call is just one step ahead of sales call.

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Re: How to do Sucessful Sales Calls or Pre Sales Calls??

#2 Postby amolss3 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:10 pm

You should have following checklist in hand while going for sales calls. (This can not be an ideal checklist and may change based on the type of sales calls)
Sales call checklist
1. Preparation prior to sales call
• Did I take relevant information prior to call?
• Give an outline of the agenda to the customer before meeting?
• Did I take materials, brochures?
• Need to answers important pre-call questions like: - what is the goal of call? What do I need to find out during the call? And what’s next?
2. Greeting and introduction
• Did I find out about the prospect’s interest, hobbies and family background?
• Am I going in the right direction?
• Listen more than I spoke
3. Qualifying
• Did I find out who is the decision maker apart from the customer?
• Did I ask about their previous process of purchase or how do they select their vendor?
• Did I find out the time frame of purchase?
• Did I find out their need?
4. Surveying
• Did I ask open ended questions?
• Did I find out the way to resolve their problem?
5. Handling objections
• Did I listen to the objection?
• Am I trying to answer (listen, define, rephrase, isolate, present solution, closethe objection?
6. Presentation
• Did I prioritize the prospect’s needs?
• Did I talk about benefits to the customer and how these benefits are going to solve his problem?
• Did I involve the customer in the presentation?
7. Closing
• Did I get the customer to identify all possible problems that might be solved bt the presented product or services?
• Did I get the agreement that the proposed solution provides the values identified?
• Did I ask for the order?
8. Customer maintenance
• Did I write thank you letter for appointment, order?
• Did I ask for referrals?
• Ask what else can he expect from the vendor?

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Re: How to do Sucessful Sales Calls or Pre Sales Calls??

#3 Postby saketroy2 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 11:36 pm

All of the above mentioned points do help in the sales..but we need to find out first how much your product or service is going to benefit them...think out in %....also...right time and right person is the main job to find out....even if the person is right..time is wrong..nothing is going to work them the benefits..after and they can tackle their competitors by the use of ur service....these things should be highlighted too

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How to do Sucessful Sales Calls or Pre Sales Calls??

#4 Postby rachna » Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:10 am

In sales, when you are calling to a prospect and offering your services your first impression should be the last should be humble,polite,good listener and should have good knowledge of your product and about the prospect company services....
Following are the points which can help to convert a normal sales call to a qualified sales call:-
1.Always start with professional greeting like good morning sir or good morning Mr X Y Z to show him professionalism plus respect..
2.Introduce in brief about yourself and your company to give prospect an overview of your call.
3.Always mention only those points which can help in their business development so that he develop an interest towards your call.
4.Schedule a meeting and ask for the timing so that you or your sales people can give him a proper demo of the product.
5.Ask for the email id so that you can send a confirmation mail about the timing and date for the discussed appointment.
6.Thank them for their time today and for the upcoming appointment.
7.Call them on the schedule time and discuss more about his requirement and offer only those service which can help him for their business development.
8.Follow up.

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