How to deal with the rejection in sales

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#1 Postby Sourav1990 » Tue May 10, 2016 10:24 pm

Well there goes a saying.."Failure is the pillar of success"
If there is a rejection that means I have gone wrong somewhere or their is a better way of approaching so instead of getting demoralized one should take the positive out of the rejection and analyze the reason of rejection in order to rectify it. This will enable one to become a better sales person and help him to reach higher up the ladder. as it is widely known...Nights are followed by days..Isn't it?

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#2 Postby Achinta22 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:45 am

As the coin has two sides similarly in sales process where there is a boom period there would definitely be a recession period. We should not feel deceived when we find any kind of rejection. So learn from the mistakes and do your best. There is always a good day after a bad day so work hard. Be Faster Smarter and Better :)
Faster- Should move on by learning through mistakes.
Smarter- Smartly tackle the mistakes.
Better- Always try to give a better performance.

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#3 Postby myleastprice » Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:13 pm

Tips to handle rejection in sales:

1. Don’t take it personally

2. Expect it
Rejection happens. It is a natural and common part of sales. Train yourself not to be surprised when a customer says “no.”

3. Be professional

4. Ask why
You can’t figure out what you did wrong unless you ask. There could be some small detail in your proposal that turned them off. Ask them why they didn’t go with your product. You can use this information to help you in future sales calls. Plus, if it’s something you can change easily you may be able to change their minds.

5. Send a last-minute proposal

6. Talk with your teammates

7. Be persistent
Don’t cross the prospect off your list forever. They may not be interested now, but that doesn’t mean they never will be. Check in with them regularly to see if they’ve changed their mind, but be careful not to call too much. You don’t want to be annoying.

8. Stick to your routine

9. Focus on the positives
Not every call will be a rejection. Emphasize the calls you won rather than the ones you lost and you will feel much better about yourself.

10. Never give up

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#4 Postby priyankas » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:46 pm

There are many ways to deal with rejection in sales

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#5 Postby Addlink1114 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:30 am

We learn from our mistakes and it is our mistakes that make us think more, work hard and achieve what we want.
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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#6 Postby BoranDouglas » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:58 am

It all boils down to numbers. In sales, rejection is just part of the game. You will have to learn to deal with it. Then get your trust factor up. Trust can turn the ratios way in your favor. Trust can take someone with a 1/100 sales ratio to 1/10 or even 8/10. Trust is the single most important factor in sales. For some really great sales tips you have to watch this free video:

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#7 Postby gurpreet123 » Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:33 pm

Helloo Friends...........

Every market in the world suffers from downfalls, every sector is hit by recessions, every industry is hit by the government policies at one time or another. But their time comes they are again flourishing in the business; the markets are high on the sen-sex.
Sales can become low at a time, but there must not be an environment of panic in the management. It must stand firmly, revise the plans, revitalize the resources and develop a new strategy. The management must seek to build a feeling of unity, pride and dedication in the employees towards the organisation.
The management must keep a track on the rejections, so as to find out the loopholes on their part. Rejection must be taken positively with a view to develop in a better way. It must be sought as an opportunity to improve rather than getting depressed :)

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#8 Postby ankitasaikiaimtn » Thu May 28, 2015 4:11 pm

Rejection is a part and parcel of every sale. Learning a lesson is the best you can take out of it. It gives you a lot of scope for improvement. What one can do after a rejection is to get to the roots and find the reason for it. The best bay to deal with a negative is to take out positives from it and that is the right way to deal with a rejection. One gets the most useful and the most helpful learning from a rejection. It should not demotivate you, but should push you to perform even better.

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#9 Postby archanaimtn » Fri May 15, 2015 6:52 pm

Rejection in sales : This can happen to any sales professional at any point of time. It is important to understand the reason as this will teach you a lesson, something that will help you to perform better in the future. And, let’s not forget, a rejection in sale doesn’t mean you lose your customer.

So, what can be the reason of rejection? It can be that the client received a better product, better offer, better service or you were just not good enough. It is therefore important to get feedbacks from clients and management. This will help one to improve and not repeat the mistakes again.

It is important to keep your client happy. Know what they want and give them something even better. Once you build that trust and satisfy your customer, it won’t be easy for them to leave you.

Therefore, a rejection is not a setback, but a lesson well learnt to improve. We learn from our mistakes and it is our mistakes that make us think more, work hard and achieve what we want. So, rather than crying about the rejection, one should try and analyze the reason behind it. There can be no better way than taking feedbacks and refining the way we work. So, learn, improve and work hard as that is what will help you recover from the rejection.

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#10 Postby jatinimtn » Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:03 pm

Rejection in sales is a inevitable thing and cannot be sidelined.but can be made easier with a fact that every coin has two sides .There are days where you are not able to convert any of the clients suppose on a cold call (any of the prospects) but never forget one line
After every bad day there comes a glad day
so start your every day with a hope to just bang .
intrinsic motivation is very necessary at this stage which you can get after appreciating yourself at every step and just belief in yourself.
bad days come, bad days go you always learn something from them and one thing very important
do learn from your mistakes and try to eradicate in very next time you do the same work...
and best of luck... :)

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