How to deal with the rejection in sales

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#11 Postby krishnaimtn » Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:51 am

Rejection in sales can be handled in many different ways by an individual. One can use his knowledge, his smartness to deal with rejections.
Some ways and ideas of dealing with rejections are:
1. Educate the customer more about your product, give a detailed description about your product.
2. Try and find customer's interest and in way or the other try and relate your product with his/her needs.
3. If the rejection is due to some particular reason then feel free to ask the reason and provide a solution if possible.
4. If rejection is due to unavailability of an individual then do feel free to ask for a future date's appointment.
5. Try and highlight the positives in your product and highlight the negatives in your competitor's product not directly but by telling them that in which way are you better than your competitors.

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#12 Postby naveenthangavel » Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:20 pm

Sales is like a two sided Rupee Note. Two sides of sales which i was referring to are Customer & Sales Person. For the note to be accepted, both the sides should be proper similarly , for any sales to be successful both customer & sales person should be in a proper mind set i.e. their wavelength should match. If sales is not succeeding, it's not always necessary that customer is reluctant in accepting your product or not convinced with your approach but may also be due to other problems includes financial problem, improper mood, etc., So Rejection in sales, an usual phenomenon should be treated with utmost patience.

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Re: How to deal with the rejection in sales

#13 Postby sparx » Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:10 am

Dealing with rejection is a necessary skill in sales, as even top performing sales people still hear rejections and objections on a regular basis.The person should deal with rejection in an efficient manner.

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How to deal with the rejection in sales

#14 Postby Rahul38341 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:48 pm

Every market in the world suffers from downfalls, every sector is hit by recessions, every industry is hit by the government policies at one time or another. But their time comes they are again flourishing in the business; the markets are high on the sen-sex.
Sales can become low at a time, but there must not be an environment of panic in the management. It must stand firmly, revise the plans, revitalize the resources and develop a new strategy. The management must seek to build a feeling of unity, pride and dedication in the employees towards the organisation.
The management must keep a track on the rejections, so as to find out the loopholes on their part. Rejection must be taken positively with a view to develop in a better way. It must be sought as an opportunity to improve rather than getting depressed

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