How to craft an effectivie B2b Blogging Strategy

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Re: How to craft an effectivie B2b Blogging Strategy

#1 Postby rosh77 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:17 pm

Lack of an effective content marketing strategy is the biggest barrier for B2B marketers success ,its not enough to create more content, but also making that content more effective. You have to put together some strategies for smarter content creation:

1. Content must be continually renewed for maximum effectiveness.
2. We can outsource some marketing content from outside. It will help you to create more effective content, hire some 3rd-party analysts, freelance writers, guest bloggers to help your content reach next level.
3. For B2B blogs multiple author strategy works best.
4. Compare your content to other similar organizations. You can evaluate your content’s effectiveness that you can be able to build relationship and brand loyalty with your customers.

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How to craft an effectivie B2b Blogging Strategy

#2 Postby vik274 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:24 am

B2B marketers have consistently recommended blogging as a communication vehicle and brand awareness tool for the company, but developing a strategy that accomplishes both of these goals isn't always easy. Here are few criterion to consider, ensuring that B2B companies achieve success with their blogging strategy.
1. Define Objectives
Is it about generating traffic to the blog? Is it about filtering those leads and driving qualified traffic to desired content on the website to capture prospects? The objectives should be defined first so that content is created with that mind frame.
2. Determine Target Audience
The brand or company may cater to several stakeholders and decision makers. Through blog multiple target audience can be targeted as long as they are defined in advance and topics are created specifically for them.
3. Creating Content Strategy
Content Strategy starts by defining what the business is; who the target audience is and then determining what are the things business is serving. Then set of topics or themes that are highly relevant to the audience and what the business is serving should be created. e.g. If someone is making a decision stage, they go through a few stages to their decision like defining their problem, determining how to fix it ; the content should ideally speak to them throughout their decision making process
4. Cross Linking the Content
Blog posts should never contain dead ends. They should be related to products, services or posts that might be interesting to readers.
5. Measure and Learn
In the end every strategy must pull its own weight in a B2B Internet marketing campaign, it's easy to expect too much from a company blog too soon. Businesses should set smaller, more easily attainable goals first. Some examples of initial goals to consider:
a. Comments and/or track backs (even getting a comment may be a win at first).
b. Number of social shares (tweets, Facebook likes, etc.).
c. In circumstances where writing pressure is more challenging, even adhering to the schedule for a month or two could be considered a win worth acknowledging.

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