Gold Rush-How to lure customers?

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Gold Rush-How to lure customers?

#1 Postby archit » Mon May 13, 2013 4:45 pm

With the price of Gold coming down Indian's are purchasing Yellow metal like crazyyyy :mrgreen: As if it is going to exhaust in next few years :geek:

In India people have huge liking towards Gold and specially jewelry which has very low resale value. If one has to purchase gold they should invest in Gold coins and bars which has good resale value. If you think storing this precious metal is problem you can purchase online from your trader electronically(min 8 Grams needed to receive it in physical form whenever needed).

Purchasing gold electronically makes more sense as it is safe and secure because you don't posses any thing physically and still it will give strength to your portfolio.

For Jewelers what should be best sales strategy because product becomes homogeneous and price are controlled and people now a days are informed customer who can not be fooled by offers and Making charges margin. In this case only one 2 things can differentiate your offering.........

>Provide ultimate shopping experience..right from the time customer enter your shop till the time he leaves(greet him, give him space, have proper lighting and sitting arrangement, supportive staff will be an added advantage)

>Your sales team is your ultimate weapon in this situation, if they can convince customer and take customer to cloud 9 sales is through..

Your comment and views are welcome... :)

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