Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

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Shikha Gupta
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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#1 Postby Shikha Gupta » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:43 pm

In sales "HUNTER" as the names depicts is the person who "HUNT" for the new opportunity and they are often consultative sales people who innately find and assess an opportunity within a prospect, and find a solution that meets the specific need.Whereas "FARMER" is the person who who builds and cultivates relationships and opportunities, typically within existing accounts.

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#2 Postby rachit » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:56 am

In sales a salesperson plays a role of both as a Hunter and as well as a Farmer...A person who makes sales by going out in the market and making new customers plays a role of Hunter and vice versa the person who make sales from their existing customer plays a role of Farmer...Both the jobs for a sales person is not easy as in being a hunter he has to find a new customer and as being a farmer he has to make out the sales from a customer to whom he has already sold his product/service in the past...
Traits needed to be successful in them are -
- A person should play a role of both as a sales hunter and a sales farmer to be a good sales person...
- To be a good sales farmer a sales person should provide his existing customer a really good services so that next time that customer should come back to him only...
- A sales person should not always rely on their existing customer and should always go out for new business...

At the last for a sales person sales is sales either it comes from Hunting or Farming but it should come...

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#3 Postby deepak » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:48 am

Hunter : Sales & new client acquisition is hunting Job
Farmer : Client servicing, Key account Management or we can say providing services to existing clients & generate more business from them.

Traits are needed to be successful in Hunting Profile:
-Should be good in Market research, Area Mapping & Data Mining.
-Should be good presenter with excellent communication skills
-Should have deep knowledge of their offerings
-Should have good industry knowledge
-Good Negotiator

Traits are needed to be successful in Farming Profile:
-Should be good in handling clients queries
-Should be good consultant, consulting related to clients business growth
-Capable for building strong business relationship with clients

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#4 Postby ashish » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:46 am

A hunter focuses on finding new customers while a farmer's primary job is to maximize the business from existing customers.

Hunters should be able to deal with rejections as when prospecting he would have to hear "No" from many customers but still without losing any confidence have to reach to new prospect while a farmer should be able to attend & resolve all queries of the existing customers.

Hunters generally work independently while farmer works as team taking all his colleagues, other departments & client while identifying solutions for his clients.

Hunters have to very good at time management & analyzing prospects as when he talks to 100 people very few would result into business & he should be able identify which prospects should be given more time to get maximum business. While farmer should be very good at relationship development as while serving existing customers he would have to frequently deal with complains / new problems from customers.

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#5 Postby prashant » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:45 am

Hunters Are the New Business Developers & Farmers are basically the Account Managers.

Hunters are generally responsible for finding and securing orders from clients. After securing the order or the “sale” commitment, they prefer to move on to the next client. They excel at generating and qualifying leads, have high energy and endurance levels, and make persuasive presentations. In organizational settings, they are often in charge of “New Business Development.”

Farmers pick up where hunters leave off by continuing contact with customers and securing future orders. They are responsible for maintaining relationships and act as an internal advocate for the customer. They often develop specific and in-depth product knowledge and use this knowledge to assist customers with trouble-shooting. They are often responsible for “Account Management/Maintenance.

2.They innately find and assess an opportunity (even when there doesn’t appear to be one),
3.They are networkers.
4.They are independent.
5.They generate buzz and excitement.
6.They are not always good at follow-through and focus.

1.They are the sales people who turn a customer from good to great by the nature of their relationship and the loyalty.
2.They nurture.
3.They collaborate.
4.They are team players
5. They are not good at prospecting.

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#6 Postby avinash » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:43 am

The term“hunter” is used to describe the type of sales guys who are focused on closing deals with new customers, they do their job like going out into the jungle, killing something, and bringing it back home. Then going out and doing it again.. they are less concerned about building relationships and helping their clients in solving their future queries.

Farmers focus on retaining and growing existing accounts. Farmers truly enjoy building deep, long-term relationships and solving customer problems.
Their focus is on developing an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business in order to effectively identify solutions that fit well with the customer’s strategy and needs. Farmers are typically paid both for customer retention as well as for closing new deals.

It's a fact that a hunter placed in a farmer role will fail to manage details and will often ruin client relationships and a Farmers placed in hunter roles will fail to a achieve activity targets and have difficulty closing.. Thus an optimal mix of farmers and hunters leads to a productive sales team.

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Re: Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#7 Postby KaranL » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:41 am

The difference between Hunter and Farmer is that ..

Hunter is the one who makes maximum calls , as if one client/customer rejects the companies offering then the hunter immediately changes his prospective clients .. hunter should have a very high degree of opinion of himself also hunter has to face number of rejections so has to be self motivated .. For ex : In many companies , the hunters are the Pre-Sales consultants, as they have to make no. of calls which even includes cold call to generate some leads , their major focus is upon the fact , the greater the no. of calls the greater would be degree of success ..

On the other hand Farmer are one who nourishes the clients , take a deep understanding of the customer requirement and suggest the right item to customer .. Also the farmer are the one who wishes to have long term relation with their clients ..

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Definition of Hunter or Farmer in concept to Sales

#8 Postby Kalpit » Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:56 am

Can anyone tell what exactly is the difference between Hunter and Farmer in Sales.And what traits are needed to be successful in them..

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