Reverse Marketing is beneficial to firm or not?

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Re: Reverse Marketing is beneficial to firm or not?

#1 Postby gBhoir » Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:26 pm

In Reverse marketing, a customer will come directly to seller for purchasing a product.Mostly that product has limited resources in the market.So that a firm has to spend less money on promotion or advertising. But creation of need of that product in market is important for seller.So the seller has to focus on innovation in the product or service.

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Reverse Marketing is beneficial to firm or not?

#2 Postby nitis » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:42 am

Well reverse marketing is a new concept which is introduced recently in the world of marketing.It is totally different from what we call as traditional marketing.In traditional marketing the seller approaches the customer to sell his product.In reverse marketing the customer approaches the seller.It is the other way round in reverse marketing.So it is indeed very beneficial for a firm to perform reverse marketing.With reverse marketing,firstly the firm will be in a continuous contact with the customer.The customer will indeed be a part of the selling procedure of the firm.Secondly if the customer is coming to you,it means greater profit for the firm as he will surely bring in more customers with him.Thirdly through reverse marketing the customers understand your product and he is attracted towards the best product.

With the idea of reverse marketing coming up,firms have to do less investments in their promotion and ads campaigns as the whole marketing is performed by the customers.So the firms can save a lot on the cost,which helps in generating a lot of profit.The most important sector that will benefit the most from reverse marketing is the pharmaceutical sector.What doctors would imagine like patients coming up to them and advertising their medicines or going up to the medical representative and asking them about the medicines.So,the patients will finally be more knowledgeable about the medicines as medicines are the most important drug for any patient to survive.So reverse marketing is an important strategy for every firm to try for once in their business life.

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