Is Arvind Kejriwal finding it tough to keep his word..??

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Re: Is Arvind Kejriwal finding it tough to keep his word..??

#1 Postby KaranL » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:45 am

The first and foremost lesson I got from AAP was to be big time strategist as before the election Mr. Kejriwal has cleared said he wont take support of any political party in forming any government but the moment we won he showed his true color and took support of Congress(which was most corrupt party before election) to form Government..

Also one more lesson was to come first in the rat race as he was earlier supported by Baba Ramdev(Yoga Teacher) and IPS Kiran Bedi and then both the two renowned names felt the inner spirit of Kejriwal and left his support..

Also would share one of the lesson was team building as from his core team when Mr. Kumar Vishwas said bad about Mohammedan Religion Mr. Malik helped him to say sorry to their religion but when Mr. Kumar said about the God Shiva of Hindu Religion (if some one is made to sit nude on ice in cold temperatue he would Tandav only he dont do disco).. He supported his team member and took bad on his God.

Also the learning was to resolve the issues in the team(country) so he supported Mr. Prashant who said he should give Kashimir to Pakistan and didn't talked about Ayodhya (God Ram Bhumi)

Also would share the the learning was to be a Leader, as by playing cricket by a small kid with the tennis boll, the boll touched the glass of AAP Minister Rakhi Birla and the have filed FIR against that small kid saying this is done by BJP to hurt her, and the boy and his family has come to National News channel for apology..

Also would share their have studies from Doctors who have none of the Diabetic person can sit without for days, still Mr. kejriwal claims to be..

Also one of the learning were to spread their roots of team, this Mr. Kejriwal has done and threw transferred lot of people from Delhi Jal Board saying they are from past many years and have his eyes on his wife who is working in same organization from past 17 years..

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Is Arvind Kejriwal finding it tough to keep his word..??

#2 Postby Shivani » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:14 am

Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party has marked a great entry in Delhi Elections..and with the results also they have left all political parties in a shock state.But before elections Mr.Kejriwal's party made huge promises to the voters and the results of the elections have also proved that the voters have also kept to it.

But after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr.Kejriwal is finding it really tough to keep his words.So do you agree to this fact or its not his or his party's fault..its just the fault of the huge expectations of Delhiites.

Please share your opinions..

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