Multifunction Nut Roaster

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Multifunction Nut Roaster

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Model: AMS-1/AMS-2/AMS-3/AMS-4/AMS-5
Capacity: 80-650 kg/h
Power source: 1.1 kw/2.2 kw/3.3 kw/4.4 kw/5.5 kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Drum Type Roaster Machine Introduction
Multipurpose drum-type roasting machine is mainly used in food industry for drying and roasting the granular materials, such as peanut (with hull or without hull), chestnut.

Multifunction Nut Roaster Application
Available for peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, soybeans, chestnuts, filberts, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds,pine nuts, horse beans, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.
Drum Type Roasting Machine Advantages
1. Multiple heating methods: electricity, oil with fast heating result.
2. Automatic temperature controlling device (0-300℃): taking the hot air as the heating medium, so the product can get constant and even heating.
3. This nut roasting machine can be used together with oil press. After the nuts are fried by roasting machine, it can highly improve oil yield and reduce machine wear.
4. Rotary drum design for even heating.
5. Automatic roasting and discharging, the roasted nuts and seeds are of bright color with fragrance.
6. Recommended roasting time is 15-20 minutes.
7. Easy operation and maintenance, energy saving, stable performance, low operating cost and long service life.

Nut Roaster Machine Purchase Principle
There are so many kinds of roasting machines, so choosing the right machine for the roasting materials and purposes is very important. But some purchase principles should be observed.
1. The materials to be roasted: their shape, heat sensitivity, fluidity, damage possibility must be taken into consideration.
2. The economic condition: if you are in the good economic condition, you can choose the automatic ones; if not, you can choose some simply-equipped ones.
3. The energy condition: this is about the fuel for the machine.

Drum Type Roasting Machine Technical Data
Model Capacity Motor Power Electricity Consumption
(heating by electricity) Gas Consumption
(heating by gas) Dimension
AMS-1 80—120 kg/h 1.1 kw 18 kw 0.9-2 kg 3000*1200*1700 mm
AMS-2 180—250 kg/h 2.2 kw 35 kw 1.8-3 kg 3000*2200*1700 mm
AMS-3 280—350 kg/h 3.3 kw 45 kw 2.6-4 kg 3000*3300*1700 mm
AMS-4 380—450 kg/h 4.4 kw 60 kw 4-6 kg 3000*4400*1700 mm
AMS-5 500--650 kg/h 5.5 kw 75 kw 6-8 kg 3000*5500*1700 mm

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