What are the Best Email Marketing Tips?

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What are the Best Email Marketing Tips?

#1 Postby priyankas » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:52 pm

Email Marketing is in trend as it is easiest and cheap mode to reach huge no of prospective customers and convert them into leads.
Here are some of the popular techniques that will help you to get best results from your Email marketing efforts. Best email marketing tips are as follows:-

Easy to Subscribe and Unsubscribe:- Your mailer should be easy to subscribe as well as unsubscribe. So that your prospective customers can perform both the task easily. Some of the marketers focus only on subscribe link and neglect unsubscribe link. Such practice may cause mail spamming.

Mobile Friendly:- Your e-mailer should be mobile- friendly as the number of mobile visitors are increasing day by day. According to the reports, a huge percentage of American and European visitors delete the emails which are not mobile-friendly. No of mobile visitors are increasing day by day. So it is very important to focus on mobile friendly emails.

Send Welcome Mail:- You should design special mail for newly registered members. Send them welcome mail introducing your company. You might even send exclusive coupon code and thanks giving message for their loyalty.

Synchronize with your Brand USP:- Synchronize your email with your brand USP. It should reflect your brand USP and design. It should also include your company's logo and header design. Product description should same as per the company website.

Prepare Email Marketing Calender:- Prepare a email marketing calender. Plan out your every e-mailer date and time. It will help you to set out the priority of your mailers.

Filter the List:- You are following the all prescribe email marketing tips but neglecting audience targeting then you will not get the success. If your product is generalized then mass mailing can be better idea. Decide your target audience on the basis of age, interest, gender, b2b, b2c email marketing.

There are various sources to get email addresses. http://www.fundoodata.com is one of best source to get b2b email addresses of Indian company's key executives

Email Content:- Email content has the major role in success of email marketing campaign. So plan subject line and copy wisely to increase click through rate and conversion rate respectively. First decide whether you want to focus on product image or content for example clothing brand requires focus on content while health brand should be image and content centric.

Should Know the Spamming Rules:- You must be aware with spamming rules otherwise all your email marketing efforts will go waste. Must read CAN-SPAM act before sending emailer. The 3 basic types of compliance defined in CAN – SPAM act are as follows:-

A- Unsubscribe Compliance

B- Content Compliance

C- Sending Behaviour Compliance
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