Online Marketing

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Online Marketing

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Online Marketing
It is the fastest growing and most exciting branch of marketing today. It is conducted through online computer systems which link consumers with sellers electronically. As the number of shoppers on the Internet has grown, so too has the number of Web sites and land-based businesses clamoring for a piece of the multi-trillion-dollar e-commerce pie. As many Internet companies have discovered, even with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, it’s difficult to get the attention of Internet users – even for just a split second. After all, Internet users are bombarded with so many advertisements every day and see so many Web sites, it’s hard for any one firm to stand out.
One of the most difficult jobs you’ll have as an e-commerce merchant is figuring out what blend of offline and online marketing techniques to use to promote your Web site. If you’re a small business, that challenge is even greater on a tight budget. The right marketing mix depends on many factors, including the types of products you are selling, the types of people you are trying to target, and, ofcourse, your marketing budget.

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Online Marketing

#12 Postby ramakantpimrindore » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:41 am

Online marketing or internet marketing is the best way to promote our products and increase revenue of the company because of we are living in age of technology.
Now a days online marketing is popular to customer and its going fast .online marketing has two methods.
1 push strategy :in this strategy we are send a message to customer or we are aggressive.
2. pull strategy. in this strategy customer search product according to their needs
now a days we are using electronic device like phones,tablets..and still we use the internet show the our products and their features through online.
we remind to customer mind to see the product and all about information like (price ,feature ,warranty.). in online marketing company show their product in digital way feel like real world. online marketing save the marketing expenses which is less the direct marketing.
Online marketing we get the deals between company and promote their services and make to reachable every person.
online marketing like: 1 digital marketing 2 social media marketing 3 search engine optimization. 5 email marketing 6 mobile marketing.
It's save time,money,transportation cost,and psychological this era we are shifted in digital world .so online marketing is more important.

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