Online B2B Marketing Strategy

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Re: Online B2B Marketing Strategy

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B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing in the way that customers know exactly what it is that they are looking for, where as B2C marketing is a little vague. Online B2B marketing campaigns are yet not as evolved and sophisticated as their B2C counterparts. However there are many advantages that B2B marketing has over B2C marketing, for one the seller knows the key words that the potential buyers would be typing when they search for the products online, also instead of using social networks such as Facebook to launch online campaigns, the B2B sellers can use LinkedIn and other professional networking sites to launch their online campaigns.

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Best Online B2B Marketing Strategies & Tips

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Prepare B2B online marketing strategy to fulfill your business goals. Digital marketing strategy for B2B business are as follows:-

Companies facing difficulties to make a transition to B2B online marketing, many b2b businesses are still on cold calls. It’s not like there is no place for these efforts, but given that 85% of b2b customers search the web before making purchase.

77% of b2b buyer said they did not talk with a salesperson until they had performed their own independent online research-this holds the high dollar, long cycle of purchases.
It’s high time for b2b companies to get on the web wagon; here are some most effective factors for the successful B2B Online Marketing Campaign.

Marketing Campaign:

Prepare a strategic layout of an integrated online marketing strategy that is focus on your prospects and customers and is aligned with your business goals. This should be the foundation of your successful online marketing campaign.

64% CMOs have either an informal or no process to manage their marketing automation

Content Strategy:

Content is the magnet that helps you get found in search results, drives through inbound traffic, attracts customers, convert leads and engagement with prospects.

Create and promote quality content such as:

• Blog post
• eBooks
• Whitepaper
• Infographics
• Videos
• Webinars
• Case Studies

More than 80% CMOs like to get company information in a series blogs and articles instead of advertisements.

70% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation.

5 step process of content strategy

Create Awareness --> Generate Interest --> Evaluation --> Satisfaction & Retention --> Upselling


Getting found on SERP and content promotion through multiple channels will drive web traffic and increase demand of your content (Product & Services).

Best ways to drive web traffic

Content promotion drives website traffic and attracts prospects by providing them with relevant information.
Content generates 70% more leads
A series of articles generates 90% more inbound links & 50% more visitors.

Social Media Marketing helps drive web traffic and raise your online visibility & brand as well.Social media is in trend for all kinds of businesses. Same is the case with B2B marketing. You can also focus on paid promotion to get instant traffic from your social media account. It also helps in brand visibility and management. More than 70% B2B companies acquire customers through various social destinations like FB/Li/G+/TwTr[/i]

SEO is an essential components for a successful online marketing campaigns. It also should be the part of your b2b online marketing strategy. Search engine optimization should be done very tactfully so that you can generate sales leads.
60% of links clicked by users are organic

Mail Merge, The right kind of email marketing increase traffic to your website by promoting relevant content to existing content.

PPC Campaigns amplify your content promotion quickly to drive relevant and targeted traffic to your website and landing pages.
65% of search result accounts are sponsored for 65% of clicks for keyword searches amplify high commercial internet

Retargeting Campaigns for specific prospects who have previously visited your website but didn’t convert with display ads and enticed them to browse back.
70% of visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert this time

Lead Generation

Getting qualified traffic to your website is only the first step. Turn visitors into paying customers through effective lead generation campaigns.

Offer a piece of content that has enough perceived value that visitor are willing to give some personal information in exchange of it.

CTA using engaging images, banners ads or text with persuasive action oriented words throughout the website & blogs.

Landing Pages allows you to convert visitors into leads by promoting benefits and process, and eliminating distractions.

97% visitors are not ready to purchase on their first visit to your company’s web profile.

Management & Measurement

Many leads aren’t ready to buy because they’ve shows a part of interest.
50% of qualified leads are not ready to make purchase
35-50% of sales go to the user that responds first
Every single campaign of your web marketing practice should be continually measured. Analytical tools allow you to in real-time by using different metrics of your strategy.

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