Internet ban in Gujarat

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Internet ban in Gujarat

#1 Postby aboutsumit » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:04 am

The suspension of internet and mobile phone text message services in Gujarat for reservation stir.

Not only business like E-Commerce and Internet will be affected but also major business where corporate sales is there will not be untouched by this Ban. Many of corporate uses various chatting apps as their reporting tool, many uses Internet for corporate tapping, whereas many uses Internet so extensively specially to generate business from overseas. All these business operation be hampered due to Internet Ban or the Reservation stir. However main impact can be easily seen on start-ups and small online retailers which may cause negative rating and would result in prolonged target achievements.

On the other side direct consumer will also not be unaffected by this as social media is now the integral part of daily life like Facebook as well as online shopping. Therefore business as well as common man both has to wait a little to run on this path smoothly once this RESERVATION is fire is over...

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