What makes a great ad

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Re: What makes a great ad

#1 Postby aakashimtn » Fri May 29, 2015 4:09 pm

A great ad is one that carves a memory in the consumer's mind. It tells the audience about the product and also connects with them. The style of advertising has changed a lot. Where a decade ago ads were all about catchy taglines and celebrities, it all about engaging people now. With digital marketing and social media on a rise, various online campaigns are being promoted to involve more people and create more impact. The more engagement by the audience, the strong is the impact. Therefore, to make a great ad, what should be kept in mind is how is it going to involve and engage people to create a memory, not just an ad.

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What makes a great ad

#2 Postby miskara49 » Tue May 26, 2015 12:48 pm

A great ad is one that makes you youtube it up and watch it again, instead of waiting for the 5 seconds in order to skip it.
A great ad is not made easily. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into making it.
It should certainly appeal to the audience, not necessarily should it be very heart rending in order to strike a cord. A funny ad can be a great ad as well.
It should have a very attractive catchphrase. Remember “ dil maange more” , it became college lingo.
The message you want to convey should be precise and clearly communicated to the audience.
Do not overdo: that which can be conveyed without words, but expressions simply, let expressions do the talking. Always remember, less is more.

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