What are the best sales promotion techniques?

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Re: What are the best sales promotion techniques?

#1 Postby rosh77 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:55 pm

The set of marketing activities to boost sales for the product or services is called Sales Promotion.It typically increase the level of sales in the market.
There are many promotional tactics you can use to boost sales for your business :

1. Flash Promotions is a offer or promotion of a particular product that is offered to a limited number of people, for a limited amount of time.It can be a discount ,first come first claim basis or any offer.

2. Free Shipping is a sales strategy to attract the customers. Its becoming a trend now days and primarily used by online vendors .

3. Discounted products is a most popular type of promotion. The customers are offered products on less than the listed price. Make sure your discount should be very attractive.

4. After-Sale Customer Survey is the promotional strategy has puts the importance of customer and contacting them to gather information that can later be used for marketing by asking questions relating to the product and services purchased.

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What are the best sales promotion techniques?

#2 Postby priyankas » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:09 pm

There are various techniques for sales promotion. Sales promotion is essential part of selling. It is important to convert leads into target customers. There can be different approach of sales promotion as per the product and services you are providing. The techniques for B2C sales promotion are as follows-

Provide Free Samples

You should provide free samples. It is one of the effective method for sales promotion. By getting free samples, customer can use products. It can help in taking purchase decision regarding product. They can also evaluate the quality of the product by using free samples.

Provide Coupons

You can provide free coupons. It will also help in promoting sales. The coupon should be for different ranges of discounts.


Contest is an effective method of sales promotion. It promotes engagement of prospective customers.Run contest for your target customers.

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